Mutiny in the ranks at Ottawa cop shop

We hear of revolting developments at the Ottawa Police department.

Officers are in an uproar over Chief Charles Bordeleau, their style-over-substance supremo, who is more concerned with polishing his own image and making empty PR gestures, than real police work.

According to one senior officer, Bordeleau is obsessed with “meaningless cake cuttings and flag raisings,” while victims are “tossed to the curb.”

“We are embarrassed to say we are members of the Ottawa Police.”

“We are embarrassed to say we are members of the Ottawa Police,” the officer wrote last month in an email obtained by Frank, “Which is why [many of us] did not attend the 25-year awards ceremony [in November].”

Before he became chief last year, everyone at the cop shop knew Bordeleau as “Chuck.” Now, it’s “Charrrlles,” as in de Gaulle, s.v.p.

“Cake will be served.”

This week, he emailed the troops to attend the celebration of St. Nicholas Day in the lobby of the Elgin Street bunker. “Cake will be served.”

Next week it’s all hands on deck to celebrate Kwanzaa, the week long cultural holiday honouring universal African heritage, principles and values. “Cake will be served.”

Apparently, Bordeleau slept through history classes at Ottawa U., otherwise he might recall that Kwanzaa was founded by Black Panther leader, Maulana Karenga.

Karenga went to prison in 1971, convicted of torturing a female member of the Panthers. After serving five years of his 10-year term, he went on to lead the Kwanzaa worldwide observance and lecture at university. Isn’t one of Chuck’s priorities violence against women?

Kwanzaa a fabricated holiday based on race

Many blacks are critical of Kwanzaa as being a fabricated holiday based on race—too third world for most black Americans, too Jewish for black Muslims and too stupid for everyone else. (For further details on the Kwanzaa celebration, see:

But in his eagerness to be politically correct and buff his own image, Bordeleau has lost respect of both the rank and file and his senior officers.

In another of his Hallmark emails to the troops, Nov. 29, the chief burbled endlessly about the recent Ottawa Lawyers Feed the Hungry production at the Ottawa Little Theatre, singling out for praise the oft absent robbery squad Sgt. Catherine Brown, “whose tireless efforts included a fundraising pub night a few weeks before the show.”

Unmoved, a senior officer wrote anonymously:

“[Brown] was not seen for two weeks while her staff were busy fending for themselves.  Once again, actual police work does not matter. Victims are tossed to the curb, forced to walk blocks while we serve coffee and cake.  Forced to walk through meaningless cake cuttings and flag raisings while trying to meet with investigators to locate their loved ones or provide witness statements. Another reason why I and many others did not attend the 25-year awards ceremony as we are embarrassed to say we are members of the Ottawa Police.”

“How many robbery charges did Sgt. Brown lay during this time period?”

“What a trail blazer our Chief is!”

“What a trail blazer our Chief is!”

Then there was a request for senior cops to email their discussion questions anonymously to an appointed inspector. This in advance of a senior officers meeting Dec. 9. Supt. Mike Flanagan was unenthused:

“I for one will not be forwarding any questions let alone to a subordinate—nor should anyone else. There needs to be transparency and leadership demonstrated here.

“Those who feel the need to forward their questions anonymously should consider handing in their epaulets.

“In the past there have been decisions empower to the executive only to be overturned by exec. Command. This does not advance the relationship here and only undermines the command and control.”

“I find this process a real disappointment,” wrote Staff Sergeant Samir Bhatnagar. Maybe it relates to the current state of affairs at OPS. Is there that much fear of our Executive that as senior officers/Staff we do not have the courage or conviction to raise matters in publicly among our own peers and leaders.

“If this format has been requested by others, perhaps a question for the Exec should be why is such a process necessary in an open, ethical and transparent organization.

“Silence at these opportunities to address our Exec should worry us all.”


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    Chuckie is where he is because he married the Chief’s daughter ..he’s spends his days in sun tan salons..thicker than loon shit ..

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