More cop connections in U. of Zero “rape culture” case

Much has been made in the gutter press about the family connections of the students involved in the “rape culture” case at the University of Ottawa.

Student union leader Anne-Marie Roy was the target of an anonymous email on Feb. 10 with screenshots of a Facebook chat between five male students who made references to wanting to engage with Roy in oral and anal sex, and that she suffered from STDs.

In the aftermath of Roy’s revelations, it was revealed that one of the students, Alexandre Larochelle, is the son of Kingston Police Chief Gilles Larochelle.

Larochelle junior wrote in reference to Roy in Facebook that “Someone punish her with their shaft.”

Of course, no one could be more distressed about her son’s conduct that his mother, Tessa Youngson-Larouchelle, who, for some reason, received scant mention by the media.

In fact, Tessa is a 25-year veteran with the Ottawa Police and was recently promoted to head up the force’s Professional Standards section, the internal affairs group which oversees the er, conduct and ethics of Ottawa’s finest.

Urbanum facta incipit ab egomet!

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3 comments on “More cop connections in U. of Zero “rape culture” case
  1. Snake says:

    She is often referred to as “Tessticle”

  2. Elkabong says:

    To be fair she hasn’t occupied the seat of endless internal pain for over a year. That job went to Joan McKenna a year ago. TY-L has been running the show out east for awhile.

  3. portabletrading says:


    “Rape culture,” or whatever the Wimmins Studies 101 crowd is calling it now, won’t ever go away until locker rooms are abolished. Of course these mental giants committed their banter to text, and they were caught. All the politically correct actions of the feminist religion (and it is a religion — I am for equality, not female supremacy) will do is make sure no one writes this stuff on Facebook.

    They should expect a bit of ribbing on the golf course for this, but these fellows have a secure future in the banking sector.

    FWIW, I wouldn’t want my shaft anywhere near that woman.

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