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But just in case you missed it…
The dead are rarely afforded any considerations of modesty.  Why it was necessary to leave the image of Qian Liu’s lifeless, exposed corpse on the monitor — dark hair fanning around her head, blood caked on her cheeks and encrusted on the floor, naked buttocks displayed — through much of the day is difficult to comprehend.
—Rosie DiManno, Toronto Star, Mar. 25, 2014

The other side, and four inches lower: The Babs-King-Thing
If I were Stephen Harper, which some of my less supportive readers might say I already am, though I can assure you that I dress on the other side—but if I were Stephen Harper, I would tell our Supreme Court to go stuff it.
— Active senior Barbarella Amiel spunkily threatens to gang-bang Bad Santas into constitutional submission, Maclones, March 27, 2014.

And odd as it may sound, that may be the film’s biggest strength as it articulates a dialogue between the male social constructs we all live in and the black hole of creation between a woman’s legs.
—Katherine Monk,  Ottawa Citizen, Mar. 20, 2014.

Hang on—that’s the mayor
In Enemy, Toronto is canopied by a sky that hovers low and sickly yellow, a veil of urban jaundice beneath which people live in vertical cubbyholes, emerging only long enough to cross sprawling parking lots in which cars wait to merge into the blocked arteries of lurching traffic.
—Geoff Peever, Globe and Mail, Mar. 13, 2014.

You say she’s “not great at communication” because she’d rather text than talk on the phone.  But you can bet a 29-year-old doesn’t see it that way.  She’s probably texting her friends right now: “OMG he was so NG @ communication, never wanted to 2 text, only 2 talk on phone LOL.”  That’s how everyone under 30 “rolls” these days, bro.
—Globe agony aunt Dave Eddie, Mar. 21, 2014

Yes, don’t let him go anywhere until he stands up to his meddling father
The question: My son wants to backpack around the world this summer.  Any advice?
—John Lee’s Travel Concierge column, Globe and Mail, Mar. 22, 2014



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