A word in Spanish: Adios!

Howls of derisive laughter from the sluggos at Library and Archives Canada over the latest public whinging from Daniel Caron.

Their former obergruppenfuhrer was still pissing and moaning last month in Le Devoir over his shit-canning by then-Heritage Minister James Moore back in May.

Readers will recall how Caron exited the LAC executive suite after it was revealed that he spent $5,000 of taxpayers’ dough on private Spanish lessons (in an apparent attempt to impress his Spanish pals when ordering cervezas–“…and path the pimentoths, por favor!”)

In the Caron version of the truth, he was the misunderstood genius who got boned by the Tories for the crime of being a visionary; sacrificed on the altar of political expediency, oh, the injustice, oh, the huma—(that’s enough self serving twaddle!—ed.)

It seems Daniel has forgotten that it was the Tories who appointed him to the LAC gig in the first place, following certain cock-ups at Supply and Services.

He was plopped into LAC with orders to implement the Tories’ Death by a Thousand Cuts Program. Under his swizzle stick, LAC inmates scored so low on the Public Service Employee Survey that they finally quit releasing the results.

He also forgets the reams of bad PR generated during his reign of terror, e.g., the LAC management spying-on-employee-emails caper—a development that came under discussion in the House of Commons. The minister cracked wise about the incident, but, privately, he was angry that LAC was attracting headlines in the gutter press.

Caron’s order to reduce archive working hours, for instance, made life difficult for grad students and academics doing research. The Canadian Association of University Teachers launched a campaign to reverse the decision, but Caron boasted that his grand digitalization program rendered the early closing of archives a non-issue. In his New Frontier of digitization, everything could be accessed at any time.



Of course, it was all bullshit, as virtually no digitization was going on at LAC.

In pinning the tale on the Moore donkey, Caron misses the point. His demise had more to do with good old-fashioned public service snakes and ladders, treachery and backstabbing.

After he waddled the plank and the huzzahs faded away, there was great relief from long-suffering LAC staff, at least the poor saps who survived the extermination.

But recent rumours raise the possibility of a new fate: the return to LAC of Caron’s former chief fart catcher and henchthingy, Jean-Stephen “Baby Doc” Piche.

Currently biding his time in the Heritage Ministry bunker, the much-loathed ADM honed his chops at Caron’s side, but escaped his fate by scarpering to the Heritage mother ship and distancing himself from Caron in the process. (Indeed, insiders say that Piche was eager for Caron’s demise, and when blood hit the water, he led the feeding frenzy).

Now comes word that Piche is poised to make his return to LAC, after the departure of the current custodial head, Hervé Déry.

Pity the LAC survivors.

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2 comments on “A word in Spanish: Adios!
  1. turkish says:

    What a mess. The Conservatives must really have had it in for those dangerous librarians and archivists at LAC. Why else would they have released these mutts on the place.
    Too much book learnin’ going there, presumably.
    Oh well, it will be amusing to watch the new disasters the lads bring down on themselves.

  2. portabletrading says:

    Both Liberals and Conservatives are responsible for that glass monstrosity in Gatineau that’s half-used.

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