In Northern Ontario’s Ring of Fire, Cliffs Natural Resources Inc. remains the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about.
–Peter Koven, Financial Post, March 4.

Of course, when you’re talking beans, the elephant in the room is that they cause gas and bloating for some people.
–Susan Greer, Canadian Press, March 3.

Before the Olympic break, [Flames coach Bob] Hartley addressed the elephant in the room and he plans on addressing it again.
–Kristen Odland, Calgary Herald, Feb. 26.

US President Barack Obama will be joining the other two leaders. The big elephant in the room will be Keystone.
–Omar Sachedina, CTV, Feb. 17.

Harper meets his North American counterparts in Mexico this week, but a looming elephant in the room: The Keystone decision.
–Bob Fife, CTV, Feb 16.

Productivity is the elephant in the room.
–Philip Palda, Montreal Gazette, Feb. 12

The elephant in the room for Pyeongchang, as it is for everything South Korea undertakes, is the unpredictable behaviour of its nuclear-armed northern cousins…
–Matthew Fisher, Vancouver Sun, Feb. 12.

All this talk about obstacles to signing professional athletes in Manitoba and we haven’t even addressed the seven-ton elephant in the room: the weather!
–Doug Brown, Winnipeg Free Press, Feb. 11.

There’s an elephant in the room
–Lal Khan Malik, Toronto Star, Feb. 5.

And if Caldwell is really concerned about the survival of independent investment advisory firms such as his, he seems strangely unaware of the elephant in the room, the Canadian banks, and strangely keen instead to blame the investor advocate fleas.
–Ken Kivenko and David Yudelman, National Post, Feb. 4

The elephant in the room is the Feb. 20 NBA trade deadline and what general manager Masai Ujiri has in mind leading up to it.
–Doug Smith, Toronto Star, Jan. 25.

But the really big elephant in the room is energy
–Paul Koring, Globe and Mail, Jan. 24.

But as far as the elephant in the room, no, Luongo doesn’t see the elephant in the room.
–Ed Willes, Vancouver Province, Jan. 23.

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