CTV Ottawa: The Final Selfie

So, farewell then, Kimothy Walker.

The ardent narcissist announced Thursday that she’s leaving CTV Ottawa as chief bingo caller for Fright Night—and leaving the satirical press without a reliable honouree for the Selfie of the Week Award.

What will we do without Kimothy?

Oh, the memories…

– “It was 1995. Brian Smith had just been shot. We knew (but most of you didn’t yet) that he was shot above his eyebrows.

“And I worried about people thinking it was callous of me to sit in his chair, read his sports…would they know it was what Smitty would have wanted?? I was thinking about the chalk mark on the ground outside, the blood, his laughter…my lip started to quiver…what was I doing in his chair? Why had I agreed to this!

[Later, I thought] “I am just grateful to be alive after [Jeffrey Arenburg] had that gun aimed at my head. That’s all.”

-“Many of us who work at CTV volunteer in Ottawa and other communities…I have volunteered for so many amazing organizations…as someone who works and volunteers a lot of hours…my volunteer hours…I am so proud you believe in volunteerism.” [Ed. note: Kimothy got paid for “volunteering” for the annual CTV CHEO Telethon].

For all her self-serving claims of giving back to the community, in the end, it was all about Kimothy.

It turns out that in addition to her late night news barking and diversity mentoring duties (what dat?!—ed.) Kimothy is also an active union mouthpiece.

Indeed, she’s been leading the Ottawa Newspaper Guild’s Local 30205 in negotiations with CTV for the past few months. Alas, unknown to her union brothers and sisters, at the same time she was at the bargaining table, Kimothy was working secretly on a plush buyout for herself.

Of course, management is happy to pay Kimothy, just to see the back of her, but ONG colleagues are in shock over her double-dealing.

Sister is doin’ it for herself!

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3 comments on “CTV Ottawa: The Final Selfie
  1. Steve-O says:

    List me as one CTV viewer who isn’t sorry to see her leave the station.

  2. bubbagreat says:

    Gee, maybe I can start watching CTV news again. Is that a good thing? We’ll see.

  3. bobblehead says:

    Can someone tell me who she is?

    Never heard of her

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