Happy Hour on the Hill

Senator* Patrick Brazeau continues to explore new and exciting career options.

On Friday, with another day’s service complete in his current capacity as daytime pole-polisher at BareFax, a much-refreshed Paddy made it all the way next door to Zaphod’s, where Toronto’s Stella Ella Ola was onstage.

All seemed bibulously copacetic until Braz-Rail got inspired and lumbered up to the stage, seemingly intent on singing with the band. His offer of collaboration diplomatically rebuffed, Braz was convinced to return to his waiting Gargle Blaster.

A historic opportunity missed? Perhaps. The noted Renaissance man — legislator, journalist, pugilist — has made attempts at music before.

Few who have heard it could forget his heartfelt ballad to missing and murdered aboriginal women, er, Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women/Please Come Back To Me which he posted on YouTube in November 2012, less than three months before his arrest for assault and sexual assault.

As YouTube commenter hotm96 observes: “This is ironic now, isn’t it.”

Finance Minister Jimbo Flaherty beat the Brazman to the weekend by a full day, returning from a Thursday power lunch to QP, where he greeted an NDP question about credit card fraud with a garrulous digression on Justin Trudeau and leprechauns.

“I am more concerned, actually, with the Liberal leader’s idea of being able to balance the budget automatically,” burbled a hoarse-voiced, stumble-tongued Flaherty, blinking incessantly. “I know that we are taking a break and that St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, so I hope that he catches that little person, that little leprechaun.”

When somebody put the obligatory what-the-fuck to the minister afterwards in scrum, O’Booze rambled: “Just the Liberal leader’s idea that the budget will balance itself, and being of Irish heritage, I know that what he must be thinking is that there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and over St. Patrick’s Day I’m sure he’ll search out a leprechaun to lead him to that pot of gold so that he can balance the budget. So I’m just trying to aim him in the right direction.”

Time allocation, gentlemen, please!

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3 comments on “Happy Hour on the Hill
  1. turkish says:

    Please, Mr. Prime Minister, pull the plug on the Jimbotron. We’ve had quite enough of Minister O’Booze for one lifetime.

  2. OJM says:

    The Harper Government™, aka, Sodom and Begorrah™.

  3. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    There is entirely too much free booze in Ottawa. If
    they had to pay for their drinks it would be another

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