No caucus for old men: Julian Fantino finito?

With Laurie Hawn and Jimbo Flaherty pronouncing themselves all troughed out and ready to spend more time with their pensions, oddsmakers speculate on who will be the next inmate of the Grumpy Old Party to pack up for shuffleboard city.

Some punters pin their hopes on the predictably old, like Ray Boughen (Con.—Polident), who, at 76, is the House of Commons’ reigning geezer. The smart money, however, is riding on Julian Fantino, who turns a somewhat sprightly 72 in August.

Alas, Julie seems to be tiring of his role shooting the walking wounded at Veterans Affairs.

And small wonder. Fantino’s already-limited cabinet prospects started circling the bowl in earnest in January, when the disagreeable bore so publicly and gracelessly clashed with vets over the padlocking of their service centres.

He’s also got wife Liviana relentlessly chewing on his ear, saying, “We don’t need this.”

And what’s “this,” exactly? 

It seems that since that high-profile contretemps in January, the phenomenally unpopular minister has been receiving anonymous threats, purportedly from certain of our surplus-to-requirements trained killers. One of these was spookily credible enough that Fantino cancelled a slew of public engagements and is now shadowed by an RCMP minder.

Only in harness since November 2010 (though it seems much longer) Guilano’s a couple years short of that juicy parliamentary pension, but Liviana doesn’t give a shit.

Thanks to his stints as London and Toronto police chief, not to mention OPP commish, the Fantinos will be farting through fur no matter what.

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5 comments on “No caucus for old men: Julian Fantino finito?
  1. Papadoc says:

    And I wouldn’t trust the shadow Mountie either Fantasiano!

  2. Roy Murray says:

    One of the many unashamed villains in the Harper cabinet. The press will miss him.

  3. Steve-O says:

    Time for that flatulent Fantino to go!

  4. mmedesevigne says:

    Congrats, Julian! Even in a Cabinet full of brainless boobs, you managed to stand out as one of the most intellectually challenged of Harpo’s (I’m trying to find a word that combines the meanings of ‘clapped-out gelding’ and ‘applauding seal’).

  5. OJM says:

    When the foot’s in the mouth
    And the Legionnaires shout,
    That’s Fantino.

    When war heroes get treat
    Like they’re bums on the street,
    He’s the one.

    Puppet of the King
    Copper on a string
    All the veterans sing…“Va-fan-cu-lo!”

    Olda soldiers datta bled
    You can alla go droppa dead,
    That’s Fantino.

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