Non compos Leona

Not much has been heard—thankfully–from Leona Aglukkaq since the pinhead enviromin was rubbishing evidence of global warming with her consider-the-polar-bear pensées: “My brother is a full-time hunter,” she told the Globe and Minion last fall, “Who will tell you polar bear populations have increased and scientists are wrong.”

Take that, science!

These days Leona’s been busy behind the scenes, demonstrating her bona fides once again as one of the most cement-headed partisans in the Harper cabinet–and that’s saying something.

Take the Jack Hicks case, please.

The longtime anti-suicide advocate in Nunavut was hired with much fanfare last fall by the ITK (Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami), to work on a national suicide prevention strategy.

But within weeks, Hicks was out on the nearest ice floe, thanks to Leona. Why? He’d once run against her as an NDP candidate. Nor was Hicks shy about expressing his anti-Harper sentiment in public: “The Conservatives don’t have to cut, they want to,” he bitched on his blog, baby-sealing his fate.

So Leona and Harper flunky Sen. Dennis Patterson reminded ITK supremo Terry Audla where his funding came from and Hicks, the best candidate in the country to work on what is arguably the most pressing issue facing Inuit in Canada, was disappeared.

More recently, Leona was heard in Question Period heckling NDP MP Jean Crowder, who had the audacity to call for an inquiry into murdered and missing Aboriginal women. Leona decided her First Nations sisters could suck it and once again took sides with Team Stupid.

If further convincing were required, Leona found herself on the wrong side of the pressing food security issue raised by Olivier De Schutter, the United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on Food Security.

According to Leona, the over-credentialed Belgian’s alarmist remarks about food security in the north were “ill-informed” and “patronizing.”

“We continue,” she said, “To live off the land, eat the seal meat, eat the polar bear meat and what-not.”

Spoken like a true Tory.


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7 comments on “Non compos Leona
  1. SkyBlue says:

    The UN’s Olivier de Schutter has no business being in Canada talking about “food security” when half of Africa is starving to death.

  2. OJM says:

    I’ve eaten Arctic what-not…not bad with a little tartar sauce.

  3. Bragi says:

    So SkyCon, no one should care about poverty here as long as there is poverty elsewhere. Got it.

  4. Bragi says:

    I once ate seal meat. It was gag-inducing ghastly.

  5. turkish says:

    Leona Aglukkag=Harper meat puppet no.7

  6. Steve-O says:

    Agglukak was probably the dumbest Health Minister of all time.

  7. Ottawaanon says:

    I was wondering where/when this would surface. Good job. Keep digging.

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