Patrick Brazeau employment alert

Frank hears of a troubling coda to Senator* Patrick Brazeau’s prodigious one-man piss-up in the ByWard Market Friday night (O’Booze, Brazman varnish the town, March 10), one which may bode poorly for his continued employment in the skin trade.

Around 1 a.m., after a refreshing interlude next door at Zaphod’s music emporium, during which he’d made a spirited grab for the mic during Stella Ella Ola’s set, the conscientious Braz-Rail decided to head back to work.

But as he fell up the stairs at BareFax, past a line of equally ‘faced university students, Paddy attracted the attention of a quick-thinking bouncer, who promptly grabbed him, dragged him into the manager’s office, and locked the door.

It must be conceded that the venerable jiggly room, unlike the Senate of Canada, cleans up its own messes. And the boner-baron Bentivoglio family, owners of the lap dance emporium, will no doubt weigh the cost of occasional shit shows like this against Patrick’s undeniable promotional value.

Like the unspeakable Rob Ford, Braz has been publicly humiliated and stripped of his duties, but soldiers on, mistaking his notoriety for celebrity. Indeed, when RoFo rolled into town for a mayors’ shindig last month, he tweeted: “Kind of insulted @TOMayorFord went to a bar other than the one I work for. It proves he doesn’t like the spotlight.”

The same could never be said of the Brazman, who has been relentlessly beating the social media drum both for himself and his employer:

Feb. 22: Interesting to have had a so-called “Anderson Cooper” from CNN call for me this week. #cdnpoli

Feb. 26: Saw an LPC MP this evening at my work. Didn’t stay there very long after he saw me. He shall remain anonymous. #cdnpoli

Feb 26: Heard through the grapevine that all CPC MP’s/Senators were issued a Communique last week to stay away from where I work. Job creation eh?

Feb 27: All MP’s/Senators should come to my place of work. Buffet is free, would cost taxpayers nothing, free, rien, nada! GR8food! Simple math!

It’s a welcome change from the dark weeks following his suspension from the Senate, which included this Jan. 16 over-share:  Was told today I wasn’t eligible for EI b/c “I haven’t worked since October 2011. I have 30 days to challenge the decision. Huh? #cdnpoli


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