Remedial Media: Workers of the Globe unite!

It seems that Phil “Creepy” Crawley relishes the possibility of a strike at his paper this summer.

The Globe and Minion supremo said as much in a meeting last week with Ottawa bureau hacks. Asked about the chances of work stoppage, Crawley replied: “Quite likely.”

Crawley also confirmed reports in the satirical press that the company wants to dilute certain language in the collective agreement:

“I talked about the language in the Teamsters Collective Agreement, which pertains to our employees working in Production, and puts more emphasis on skills and ability in the seniority language. I said we would like to see similar language in the UNIFOR [agreement with hacks] emphasizing skills and ability in the seniority language.”

If it comes to a strike, Globe management likes its chances. They’ve shed editors and farmed out copy to Pagemasters, so they’re less concerned about a strike by their remaining inmates. Content can now be bought and controlled outside the building, so even the threat of picket lines is neutralized.

And yet hacks are getting more bloody-minded, with none other than Margaret Wente taking the role of guild Norma Rae, especially on pension issues.

Shurely this cannot be the same Peggy Wente who wrote in a famous Globe memo years ago re: some of the colleagues she now supports:

“…key beats are staffed with hopeless people…. No amount of clever editing or packaging will fix that. The only fix is to hire some top young reporters…. No amount of remedial training, rework, or memo-writing will compensate for a basically weak staff.”

Indeed, it is she.

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