Schmucks on a plane!

With Dulles and Reagan both snowed in March 3, Canuck refugees trying to escape DC pile into Baltimore-Washington International’s Terminal E.

And as they take shelter in the terminal bar who should waddle into their midst but Minister of Pogey, Jason Kenney, his faithful altar boy, Chris Mahon, in tow.

Our White Boys Abroad are returning from obeisance to the moneyed and the maniacal at the America Israel Public Affairs Committee’s annual policy suck-fest in Washington.

The grisly duo settle at the bar of Bin 222. The minister starts with a pint of Sam Adams, and then coyly asks the server, unworldly Canadian boy that he is, what’s this Blue Moon Belgian White all about?

He successfully scores a free sample of the ubiquitous Colorado craft suds, racking up yet another savings for taxpayers.

The monastic austerity continues. Kenney’s chariot on this day is a humble Dash 8 to Toronto, in slightly over-close quarters with the proles. But the minister, isolated by his Bose noise-cancelling headphones, turns his attention to his ‘berry and a stack of simpatico periodicals, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the Epoch Times (“SUCH a great paper,” enthuses Mahon).

Kenney lingers intently over a WSJ piece assessing North Carolina’s bold slash-and-burn job of unemployment benefits.

The minister furrows his brow, produces a pen, pauses thoughtfully – and then just rips out article wholesale and jams it into a pocket for later reference/tabling.

Policy on the fly, as it were.

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2 comments on “Schmucks on a plane!
  1. turkish says:

    Too many motherfucking schmucks on this motherfucking plane.

  2. portabletrading says:

    Blue Moon is Rickard’s White. No, not similar, the same actual beer from the same vats.

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