Who died and made Olivia Chow Queen of Canada? Oh, yeah. Now I remember!

Like Rob Ford said, the Orientals work like dogs. Now, a dog – even a yappy, short-haired foreign breed – is fine, if you just want to keep fifth graders off your yard.

But the question is, would you trust one to keep a lid on your property tax? At the risk of sounding “politically incorrect,” I’d say the answer’s obvious.

Robbie’s in a tangled pickle of his own design, there’s no two ways about it. If he’d kept to drinking alone in the basement, like Doug advised, or even just while driving, like any decent conservative, he’d be a shoe-in for re-election as Toronto’s Toastmaster General.

I’d say he’s hard-up behind the eight-ball right now, if I’m keeping current with my drug lingo.

But if he can hang in and not be doing hard time before October, I can see Ford Nation risin’ up and coming over the hills to the rescue like those fellas in that Mel Gibson movie. I think it was “Mrs. Soffel.”
And naturally because Quebec would have nothing if it didn’t copy Normal Canada, they decided to have an election, too. And I guess they’re just going to keep having them until the last Anglos and Haitians take the last VIA train out like it’s the fall of Saigon.

Maybe I’m just getting soft, or could be the PQ’s getting hard, but I’m beginning to take a shine to those bastards. Though I still can’t understand a word they say, they’re pissing off the Jews, Muslims and Catholics in equal measure, so they must be doing something right.

Plus, this time they got a union-busting, fair-and-balanced billionaire on their team.

I don’t know if Quebec’s gonna go its own way, but it looks like it’s going my way, so I say good luck to ’em.


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2 comments on “Who died and made Olivia Chow Queen of Canada? Oh, yeah. Now I remember!
  1. OJM says:

    Vive le p’tit Dick…vive le p’tit Dick libre.

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