Whose Boat?

Sure, the middle class has its ass in a sling these days, but shed a tear too for our hard-scrabble plutocrats, the lonely .01 per centers–they got their troubles, just like you and me.

Take the plight of Rockcliffe pensioner Mike Potter. What with two ex-wives bleeding him dry (Franks passim) and the annual fortune he pisses away maintaining his collection of classic aircraft at Vintage Wings (he’s currently seeking some government funding), the poor chap is down to his last $600 million.

So it comes as no surprise to hear that he’s trying to unload his beloved 190-foot super yacht, the Seawolf.

Built by the Dutch yard J&K Smit in 1959, the Seawolf was converted to super yacht status by Astilleros de Palma from 1998 to 2004, and Mike had it further upgraded in 2008 and 2010.

According to the sales thingies at Fraser Yachts, the humungous pleasure craft can accommodate 12 guests in five luxuriously appointed cabins, and has a separate owner’s deck with full beam cabin, office/study and pantry.

Invitations aboard Mike’s stately pleasure tub are much-coveted among Rockcliffe moochers (is that you, Graves?), who will no doubt be devastated to see the Seawolf disappear over the horizon.

The vessel was a favourite toy of ex-wife Veronique Dhieux, who readers may recall took some of her best soon-to-be-ex friends on a tropical cruise back in February 2009.

Aboard for the toot were Veronique, Arlie Mierins and assorted Rockcliffe ladies-who-launch: Donna Wishard Lucas, Julie Crossland, Linda Assaly and Caroline Tuli aka Dr. Caroline Bigue.

Alas, the cruise ran into drama on the high seas. Veronique and Arlie got into a catfight, with Veronique accusing Arlie of being a homewrecker out to get her Potter gold. Ah, memories.

Mike’s flagship is packing two Smit-Man RB666 engines and has a range of 32,000 miles.

Asking price? A cool $26 million.

The budget-conscious can rent it for a mere $180,000 a week.

Bargains ahoy!


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One comment on “Whose Boat?
  1. turkish says:

    Will this guy never learn?!
    Here’s a good idea, Mike: don’t lead with your dick for once and quit the little blue pills.
    Grow up.

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