Doolittle, too late. I wuz Robyned, sez Cooke

Much snickering around the Toronto Star newsroom over Michael Cooke’s claim that hotshot hackette Robyn Doolittle had been poached by the Globe and Minion.

“Our competitors have woken up after 5 years of slumber,” the Star editor droned in a memo to staff, “And are coming after our best people, and in some cases are successful in luring them away.”

Once again, the moist and garrulous Britfart was economical with the actualité. The Globe didn’t have to convince Doolittle. She was more than happy to flee the Star at the first opportunity, thanks to the Cookie Monster’s boorish behavior.

Her quickie best-seller on Rob Ford, Crazy Town, got Doolittle, one of only three reporters to have seen the infamous Rob Ford crack vid, an international profile and led to appearances on the Daily Show and CNN.

All this celebrity sat poorly with Cooke, who started muttering publicly that Doolittle would “be nothing” without Kevin Donovan, head boy of the Star investigative team. Indeed, he reportedly ordered Doolittle to hand over her contacts list to Donovan, and then, insult atop injury, turned down her request for a raise.

Exit Doolittle.

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3 comments on “Doolittle, too late. I wuz Robyned, sez Cooke
  1. Patrick60 says:

    Is anyone poaching Cooke? (pun intended)

  2. OJM says:

    “Can you believe they made me deliver all these? Every morning. Dressed like this.”

  3. Forbes Kennedy says:

    Her Ford is Satan door-stopper made her head too big to squeeze through the humble TorStar doorways.

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