All Thumbs Review

There was quite a frenzy as the mayor made it official he’s in this race… an electricity in the air for sure…Ford posed for thousands of pictures.
It was as big a political event as I have ever seen in Toronto.
–Joe Warmington, Toronto Sun, April 18.

They got the Toronto Congress Centre, a vast barn on Dixon Road with polished-concrete floors and cinderblock walls that looks big enough to host a monster-truck rally. They filled maybe half of the 290 tables of 10 seats each.
–Marcus Gee, Globe and Mail, April 18.

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2 comments on “All Thumbs Review
  1. Papadoc says:

    One man’s electric frenzy is another’s monster-truck rally. In either case it was one hell of an historic gathering, not to be missed.

  2. Forbes Kennedy says:

    Joe Warmington is Fordsie’s number one fart catcher, Don Peat a close second.

    “Ford posed for thousands of pictures”, good one Joe!

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