Tracy Glover, Selfie of the Week Award: Heritage Canada Edition

Selfie of the Week Award to Tracy Glover, enormously talented stepdaughter of Heritage Minister Shelly Glover.

Tracy is an aspiring actress, as these photos—and many more on Twitter, at @tglove0101, will attest.

While she awaits her big break in the film business, Tracy works tables in such undeserving dives as Black Betty Burger and Wine bar, the renowned Calgary food emporium.

A graduate of the University of Winnipeg (physical rehab), Tracy moved to Calgary from the ‘Peg to work at Area nightclub. Or maybe it was the other way ‘round. Hmmm. Anyway, according to her Twitter profile, she’s a “Canadian gal, long hair, likes pretty things.”


Favourite TV shows: TLC’s Long Island Medium and Sons of Anarchy

Favourite sport: Hockey (Winnipeg Jets, of course)

Deep Tweets:

“Let me get this straight. YOU’RE frustrated cause I can’t understand your accent. You sound like peppe le pew #learnenglish” (Stepmom Shelly is also, incidentally, Minister of Official Languages.)

“I hate seeing people @ the grocery store, & they’re like ‘hey, what r u doing here’…& I’m like…’Duh, hunting zebra’s’”

“Asian: ‘2 corona, 2 tequila’ ME: ’hey, thanks for learning english, the beers r on me. just kidding, that’ll be $23.50..’”

“Did u seriously just shove that quarter in ure bra? I hope u get a nasty rash & chlamydia..& then hit by a bus, that is all”

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6 comments on “Tracy Glover, Selfie of the Week Award: Heritage Canada Edition
  1. Snake says:

    Her spot in the “Rub n Tug” is there waiting for her..

  2. SkyBlue says:

    What a talent – the mind boggles!

  3. Papadoc says:

    Pity that her tits sucked all the protein from her brain.

  4. portabletrading says:

    She had the right IQ for police academy. Maybe mommy can pull a few strings if the acting career fizzles.

  5. Eustus says:

    Looks like she has plowed her Twitter account under. Shame, really. Paulina Gretzky must be embarrassed for her.

  6. Patrick60 says:

    Clearly Tory/Reform stock is in bad genetic shape.

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