The Wisdom of Solomon

Amid the wailing, the gnashing of teeth and the rending of garments over the latest crippling cuts to the CBC, there is one feel-good story, one slender ray of sunshine from a CBC stalwart who is putting his mouth where his money is.

I speak of Evan Solomon, host of Power and Politics and hair apparent to the CBC’s Chief Bingo Caller and Giant of JournalismTM, Peter Mansbridge.

Solomon, we are told, is heartbroken over the defenestration of many of his Corpse colleagues, so he wants to help by offering them financial assistance.

If anyone can afford such a generous offer, it’s Evan. What with $200,000 a year from the Corpse, plus the lucrative speakers market, well, before you can say, “Good evening, ladies and germs!” he’s up to nearly $300,000 a year.)

Just a couple of weeks ago, for example, Evan scored a cool $15,000 for sharing his deep thoughts as guest speaker at the annual Canadian Nurses Association clambake in Winnipeg.

Never mind that other CBC celebrity journos, like Mansbingo and T. Rex Murphy, have been slagged for accepting Big Money from Big Oil for speaking engagements.

There are some high-minded souls in the news biz who claim that journalists who accept money, put themselves not only in a perceived, but a direct conflict of interest.

Of course, Mansbridge is above such petty cavils and, anyway, he claims he gives some of his speaking gig proceeds to charity.

And that’s the way out for young Evan.

He’s following his mentor’s lead and generously donating his speaking fees to a worthy cause—his soon-to-be unemployed underlings.

What a mensch!


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3 comments on “The Wisdom of Solomon
  1. amosco says:

    What next? What with Harper slowing squeezing, maybe Canadian companies and associations will adopt a poor CBC journo?

  2. Patrick60 says:

    Will they ever be able to rebuild the CBC after Harper?

  3. Yukoner says:

    The CBC died long before the cuts. The problem is that the staff feels entitled and all too comfortable. They are and always have been the problem, not the budget or the government. Kill the damn thing and rebuild it properly.

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