Cliché-o-Matic: “Of biblical proportions”

The majority of both Palestinians and Israelis were killed in one community, the border town of Shejaia, the battle for which will long be remembered for its carnage and for the flight of tens of thousands of its citizens – an exodus of biblical proportions.
– Patrick Martin, Globe and Mail, July 21.

If by a miracle of Biblical proportions Canada somehow qualifies for Russia 2018, and by another improbable fluke, we make it to the [World Cup] final (we can all dream), will Stephen Harper attend, as is the custom – if he is still prime minister?
-Mohammed Adam, Ottawa Citizen, July 17.

While the 2008 edition of the Pemberton Music Festival wasn’t a disaster of biblical proportions, the event left scars that took time to heal for the small B.C. mountain town (estimated population 2,500).
– Francois Marchand, Vancouver Sun, July 11.

Brazil’s party didn’t just get rained on, it got washed away in a deluge of biblical proportions.
– Morris Dalla Costa, Toronto Sun, July 6.

Rob Ford, welcome home….You are the Most Famous Canadian in the World, of almost biblical proportions — the return of the prodigal crackhead.
– Mike Strobel, Toronto Sun, June 30.

Now, back to my B&B.  All of the windows have prison-like bars on them–a little unsettling in case I need to get out. On Thursday, however, that’s the last of my worries after waking up to flooding of biblical proportions.
– Kurtis Larson, Toronto Sun, June 27.

Within 20 minutes of hopping into the MX-5 GT, Gary Grant and I are motoring through a pounding deluge of biblical proportions.
– Peter Bleakney, Toronto Star, June 21.

Kopp is the lead researcher at the London school’s Three Little Pigs project – a towering facility near the city’s airport that can create storms inside of biblical proportions.
– Joseph Hall, Toronto Star, June 21.

…Flood-devastated Bosnia, where a deluge of biblical proportions last week engulfed about 40 per cent of the small, poor country, affecting the lives of as many as one million people.
– Olivia Ward, Toronto Star, May 27.

And while some female readers may scoff, wondering who would fall for a guy with whiskers of biblical proportions
– David Sanderson, Winnipeg Free Press, April 26.

The upstart Bobcats – the only team in the league without a playoff series victory to its credit – may need a miracle of biblical proportions to pull this one out.
– Doug Smith, Toronto Star, April 17.

…In just six months starting last July, the city experienced a deluge of biblical proportions and then, in December, an ice storm that left tens of thousands of residents without power for days, even weeks.
– Christopher Hume, Toronto Star, April 3.

Winner: Toronto Star – 5 (two in one edition)

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