The Twidiocy: Patrick Brown’s hoes and hockey

As the Justice Committee hunkers down for a special summer ho-down on Bill C-36, that prostitution thing, bright-eyed Patrick Brown (Con. Barrie) has a front row seat for the cavalcade of riveting presentations on human trafficking, evangelical moralizing from invited bible-punchers, and Bob Gougen’s knee-slappers about gang rape:

Patrick Brown @brownbarrie – July 7

I am pleased to be attending special summer sitting of justice committee in Ottawa to deal with Bill C 36 with Jus Min Peter Mackay #cdnpoli

Pleased, sure, but once trapped in committee room C-110, the honourable member’s attention begins to wander almost immediately. Paddy asks not a single question.

By Tuesday, he’s passing the time fiddling with his ‘berry, tweeting urgent updates on Hockey Night in Barrie, the charity hockey game to be held in his riding next month:

Patrick Brown @brownbarrie – July 8

(1/8) I am pleased to announce the latest All-Star additions to the 7th Annual Hockey Night In #Barrie! #hnib

True to his word, Paddy follows up with a series of tweeted pics of Steve Downie, Tanner Pearson, Derek Roy and other invited toothless wonders.

On Wednesday, Brown breaks up the sex worker tedium with, er, more exciting Hockey Night In Barrie news, featuring TV’s Alan Thicke!

Patrick Brown @brownbarrie – July 9

(1/10) In case you missed it, I previously announced the first additions to the Hockey Night In Barrie VII line-up

Patrick Brown @brownbarrie – July 9

(9/10) As for the entertainment side, Canadian Hollywood star @alan_thicke will once again be returning #HNIB

Patrick Brown @brownbarrie – July 9

(10/10) Our political heavyweights so far include @MinPeterMacKay, and MP for Brant, Phil McColeman @Phil4Brant #HNIB

Patrick Brown @brownbarrie – July 9

Tickets for Hockey Night In #Barrie VII are available online:  and in my office: #HNIB

Come Thursday, a thoroughly bored Brown can’t even be arsed to pimp next month’s hockey extravaganza. His tweeps next hear from him back in Barrie, live from the opening of outdoor outfitter Cabela’s:

Patrick Brown @brownbarrie – July 10

Pleased to speak at Cabela’s Barrie grand opening. What a crowd !!! Sea of people.

Thus ends another week of legislative dynamism from the honourable member for Barrie. Take that, perverts and predators!

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One comment on “The Twidiocy: Patrick Brown’s hoes and hockey
  1. portabletrading says:

    Political whores asking religious whores for rules on how to deal with actual ones.

    Love how all the ‘Jesus loves the Indians’ types came out of the woodwork. Didn’t see them around when Willie Pickton was on his killing spree.

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