Latest Drivel, Sept. 20/14

And did I mention how two-faced he is?
John Tory…has decided to attack someone who is in a hospital bed, and who he knows—he knows!—is facing a serious cancer diagnosis. As he did with Jean Chretien’s disability, Tory hasn’t hesitated to attack someone when they’re down.
—Warren Kinsella,, Sept. 17, 2014.

All of our thoughts and positive energy and sentiments are with the Ford family and with Rob Ford in particular.
—John Tory, in a press release, Sept. 17, 2014.

And joining Mr. Tory….
Comedian Norm Macdonald is in Rob Ford’s corner as he fights cancer. The Canadian-born comic…tweeted his support for Ford…. “I love you, @TOMayorFord, and you will be in my prayers until you are fully recovered and sit in City Council. God is with you, sir.”
—Don Peat, Ottawa Sun, Sept. 23, 2014.

NORM MACDONALD: You know who plays [Liberace]?
MACDONALD: …Michael Douglas, who first of all has pussy cancer of the throat…is making out with Matt Damon.
GOTTFRIED: You see, I think cancer’s a small price to pay to lick Catherine Zeta-Jones’ pussy. Ha ha ha ha ha….
—Politically Incorrect, Nov. 1, 2013.

If you can’t love the one you beat, then beat the one you love
If there’s one thing that irritates an ideologue, it’s when reality does not conform to cherished theories. I daresay many feminists are grinding their teeth over Janay Rice’s refusal to speak the lines written for her in the feminist handbook on domestic violence….
If Ray were violent with outsiders, imprisonment would be the correct punishment. But when aggression is directed at an intimate partner who does not want her aggressor punished, and when her resistance is clearly not coerced, the consequence to the aggressor should correspond to the root cause of the aggression.
—Barbara Kay, National Post, Sept. 11, 2014.

And don’t get me started on a childless pet owners with tinted windows!
If you read comments—and you never should—you’ll be astounded by the level of offence-taking. People aren’t just bridling, they’re breaking and tearing their own heads off. Childless pet owners are the most sensitive to possible insult even though pets are never offended by humans. The smaller the difference between people, the greater the narcissism. The more tinted the car window, the more easily offended the driver.
—Heather Mallick, Toronto Star, Sept. 18, 2014.

Homeland insecurity
Or rather because we suspect that the purported values of the bearded waiter–especially classlessness and inclusion–are not actually in any way represented by pan-seared Northern Ontario pickerel with beet wasabi mousse at $27? Is it the strange sense that everything around us, even our sophistication, is somehow false, meaningless, a painted cardboard bulwark keeping out the real world of Putin and Ebola and the Islamic State?
—Wussell Smith, Globe and Mail, Sept. 18, 2014.

Oh, pshaw!
To be Frank is to be frank. And frankly, Frank’s got a big head. [It] isn’t just a stage get-up. Frank wears his mask all the time. [I]t’s hard not to project a certain Buddha-like wisdom onto Frank’s blank screen. He insists on purity and truth. He…writes spontaneous poetry by merely looking at a kink in a shag carpet. Frank is a genius…. We get sucked in, seduced by the genre expectation of…a shot at creative redemption for Frank…. Of course, there’s a Yoko Ono brand of showdown for Frank’s loyalty…. The resulting clumps of blood and bone are enough to make you weak in the knees, but there’s a giddy pleasure in seeing so much conceit and treacle-eyed greed ritually sacrificed at the butt end of genius. It’s a welcome whiff of frankness in a largely Frank-less world.
—Katherine Monk, Postmedia News, Sept. 12, 2014.

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