Nancy Paul Tsai: Legendary gold-digger beats elder-scamming charges!

We are delighted to report that longtime Frank subscriber Nancy Tsai has dodged the DA’s bullet in Palm Beach!

As first reported in the satirical press April 27, the embattled Glitter Girl had been booked on felony charges of exploitation of pilfering millions of dollars from a trust fund belonging to disabled elderly millionaire, Helga Marston.

But according to Jose Lambiet at GossipExtra in Florida, State Attorney Dave Aronberg dropped charges because they could not “be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.”

In a no-file memo released today, Aronberg states insufficient evidence that Marston, who died at 92, days after Tsai’s arrest, lacked the mental capacity to consent to Tsai’s transactions with her money.

Prosecutors could not refute the “reasonable hypothesis” that the purchases of a Rolls-Royce, Mercedes, $2.3 million luxury penthouse and flights on private jets were made at Marston’s request.

Of all the sumptuous meals, chartered jet flights and luxury cars she was alleged to have bought with Helga’s dough, the biggest prize was South Ocean Boulevard penthouse.

Nancy and Vince Paul

Nancy and Vince Paul

How unfortunate that she came to grief over such a modest a prize, worth no more than the 22-carat diamond engagement ring she winkled out of third hubby Gerald Tsai Jr., back in the 90s.

Poor Nancy, who turned 67 in May, and keeps her facelift tightly ratcheted in the approved style, is retired from the trophy wife circuit. Sadly, there are unkind suggestions among Nancy’s frenemies back in T.O. that turning her still-formidable extractive talents on someone like poor Helga was simply the next natural step.

The widow of investment banker Hunter Marston, Helga was a long-time friend of Nancy’s when she granted her power of attorney over her trust account in 2011, and made her a beneficiary of her will. Her ability to consent in these matters is now considered a tad problematic, however, as health professionals told police she suffers from Alzheimer’s-related dementia and has “zero” mental capacity.

She’d been in an assisted living home since Feb. 2013, and seemed to have little use for the real estate, new cars, lingerie and many, many other accouterments Nancy had been purchasing on her behalf

Nancy set off alarm bells with sizable draws on Helga’s account.

According to a witness, the transfer of the condo into Nancy’s name could only be achieved by wheeling poor Helga out to initial each page, with Nancy whispering prompts in her ear.

Nancy was also, police alleged, engaged in horizontal polo with Marston’s broker, Dennis Melchior, who has since lost his license. When UBS Financial Services started asking too many questions, police say, she transferred Helga’s accounts to Fidelity, and started paying defrocked Dennis $7,500 a month as the old dear’s ‘financial advisor.’

But that’s all yesterday’s bagels.

According to in Palm Beach, when reached on her cell phone this morning, Tsai had no comment on her release by the justice season.



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4 comments on “Nancy Paul Tsai: Legendary gold-digger beats elder-scamming charges!
  1. reym says:

    If she keeps ratcheting that facelift her hairline is going to be on the back of her head.

  2. orphancarguy says:

    But her hairline could always go condo…

  3. portabletrading says:

    “Widow of investment banker” giving POA to Barbie instead of like, you know, someone who works in investment banking. Yeah, nothing fishy about that at all.

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