A Spoonful of Celebrity Nudes Helps The Scottish Referendum Go Down!

Did you hear about all the young starlets you never heard of before getting all naked and the like on the computers? Apparently it’s the latest thing. If it catches on I bet the magazine industry could be in for a rocky patch.

Seems they thought their photos were safe on their telephones, which reminds me of the time I put away the cheese in the dishwasher. Of course my cheese wasn’t spread all over the world, but it came damn close. I still think it deserved a call from As It Happens.

I don’t see why that girl from that thing I didn’t watch and all the rest are so upset.

It’s not like they got something I haven’t seen before.

In fact if they did I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to see it. It’s not their fault they got titties and whatnot, but if they didn’t want strangers to see ’em then maybe they should put on a nice queen-size bedspread and run off to ISIS.

Because when it comes down to it you’re either with the perverts or you’re with the terrorists.

I know what side I’m on!

Speaking of the Queen, I hear she’s all sixes and sevens and nine-elevens over Scotland these days.

Seems they’re having a Quebec Referendum over there and the Oui side is catching on.

They say it could break up the Union. Normally I’m all for bustin’ up unions, but I can’t help but feel sorry for the Royals.

I wouldn’t want to go down in history as the Windsor what lost Scotland. I wouldn’t even want to be the Scotsman what lost Windsor, because I’d probably tick off a lot of Red Wings fans for making ’em cross the border at Sarnia.

Hell, even if Scotland decides to stick around I don’t like Detroit’s chances this season.

As usual it’s all down to Stevie Yzerman.

He’s a real sparkplug.

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One comment on “A Spoonful of Celebrity Nudes Helps The Scottish Referendum Go Down!
  1. Elvis says:

    Dick Little: A sane voice for insane times.

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