Cliché-o-matic: “The new normal”

And they summarily dismiss the idea that this might be the new normal. But to millennials, it is a real fear.
–Carol Goar, Toronto Star, Sept. 8, 2014

Good grief. Can you see an end to this, or is ISIS going to become sort of the new normal in the region?
Don Martin, CTV’s Power Play, Sept. 3.

Are unemployment and stagnant wages the ‘new normal‘ in the post-recession world?
— Gordon Isfeld, Postmedia, Sept. 3.

Walter Russell Mead, writing for the American Interest, suggests this is the new normal.
— Brian Dijkema, National Post, Aug. 27

Faithfully based on Miller’s pulpy, neo-noir, graphic novels of the 1990s, both Sin City films follow the misfortunes of the denizens of Basin City, a Sodom & Gomorrah somewhere in the U.S. southwest where crime, sexual perversion, exploitation and blatant corruption are the new normal.
–Bruce Kirdland, QMI, Aug. 22.

But they can plan for a rainy day. With higher spring and summer river levels now the new normal, lowering river levels is going to be harder than ever.
–Mug Scott Forbes, Winnipeg Free Press, Aug. 20.

We see, in other words, the world the way Mason might, with a growing child’s awareness less of catastrophe than just adapting and getting on with the new normal, the process that ultimately marks his passage to adulthood.
–Geoff Peever, Globe and Minion, Aug. 10.

Like it or not, digital is the new normal.
–Sean Rogers, Globe, Aug. 14.

Unfortunately, the warrior cop is the new normal.
–Araminta Wordsworth, Postmedia, Aug. 16

If that’s the new normal, everyone in the hip-hop business had better start putting money in an NBA Swear Jar.
–Cathal Kelly, Globe, Aug. 12.

An excessive way to treat a fever perhaps, but experts warn with Ebola, it’s the new normal.
–Todd Battis, CTV National News, Aug. 9.

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