Dimitri Soudas plug ’n’ play

It’s not just Dimitri Soudas’ surname (and feet-first departure from his last gig as CPC executive director), that’s been airbrushed from the record in his latest reinvention in the consulting biz as an exec with the assuredly top-notch Stampede Group (www.stampedegroup.ca)

“Dimitri” is now the “results-driven and focused” managing partner of a stable of similarly uni-named experts in “business development, strategic counsel and issues management.”

And the first issue to undergo extensive management seems to be the chronic one atop Dimitri’s poorly-Astroturfed dome.

The shocking, results-driven difference is manifest in every retouched photo of Dimitri on his company’s website, especially when compared to the original pix.

Before: The threadbare, vaguely pubic Soudas plug-rug: transparent, unconvincing and thoroughly ineffectual. (See also Oakville North-Burlington)

After: Hello, who’s that hirsute devil? Manage my issues, you stallion!


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6 comments on “Dimitri Soudas plug ’n’ play
  1. thisguy says:

    lighter skin colour and texture added to the suit.

  2. Papadoc says:

    Pity he can’t so easily photo-shop his reputation.

  3. orphancarguy says:

    Did some of that eyebrow patch move northwards? There is a faint hint of deforestation. Still et’nic, but a lighter, photo-shopped, sympathetic, slimmer? et’nic. Less babyface, more ‘client concern’ lines. One of the few times that Soudas + contrast goes well together.

  4. OJM says:

    “Bond…Dimitri Bond.”

  5. Steve-O says:

    With the money he has made, you’d think he could afford a decent toupé.

  6. Patrick60 says:

    A decent toupee is a contradiction in terms.

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