Dollars to Doughnuts: Sgt. Rohan Beebakhee

A tip of the Frank turban to Ottawa Police Sgt. Rohan Beebakhee, whose disciplinary hearing over his one-man sex worker outreach program and healthy curiosity vis-à-vis police records finally ended September 2.

Beebakhee, a 21-year vet, got slapped with three counts of insubordination, two of corrupt practice and one of deceit. He’d committed a litany of no-nos, including booking hookers for one-on-one “safety briefings” and repeatedly trolling through police files, including that of his galpal, also a sex pro.

Sure, Sgt. Sexy may ultimately be headed for a waddle off the plank, but in the meantime, the cheques keep on keepin’ on! He’s been suspended avec pay since the summer of 2012.

According to the province’s Sunshine List, in 2013, a year in which he showed up for work precisely zero times, he pulled down $112,669 in salary and benefits.

But it’s not all corrective whacks on the willie at the Ottawa Coppe Shoppe, as Chief Charles Bordeleau swings by Rideau Hall today to become a fun Officer of the Order of Merit of Police Forces.

Much grumbling among fellow flatfeet, who disloyally wonder just what their fearless leader has done to, er, merit his gong from the GG.

Frank will hear none of it. The process is, of course, quite rigorous: Once nominated by a member of a police force, the honouree’s name must be submitted to the commanding officer of that force, so Chuck, once named by one of his braunnosing subordinates, effectively rubber-stamped his own honour. Trebles all round!

But will cake be served?



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3 comments on “Dollars to Doughnuts: Sgt. Rohan Beebakhee
  1. Elkabong says:

    I defy anyone to point to a time when this chief was ever a police officer in the true meaning..any monkey can put on a uniform and in this case the prehensile tail is showing. But more importantly who is Debra Frazer and what has she done in her civilian policing career…obfuscated and generally screwed people over, so why not give her a GG pin?

  2. Elkabong says:

    Apparently I owe an apology for the inference that the chief is a monkey….so I apologize to the monkeys.

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