Ew! It’s Drew!

Exciting tidings that NDP spinweasel Drew Anderson (Franks passim) has ever-so-quietly returned to party HQ, under the baton of national director Anne McGrath.

It’s just a contract gig, we hear, but one the talented braunnoser should have little trouble stretching into a viable, ongoing earner.

After all, he secured his last perch as director of communications the old-fashioned way, arsecreeping Jack Layton’s principal secretary Brad Lavigne on the daily bus ride in from the NDP ghetto in Hintonburg.

He quickly developed a rep. as a rebarbative pisse artiste with a penchant for hiring young, pulchritudinous staff – not that there’s anything wrong with that!

The much-unloved Anderson returns to the Dipper fambly with a conspicuous lack of fanfare, in contrast to his departure in June 2012 to spin for the University of Ottawa.

“In the role of Executive Director of the Communications Directorate, Drew Anderson will support uOttawa’s strategic vision and increase efforts to enhance the University’s reputation by developing and reinforcing the positive image of the University and its values, image and brand,” sang the U of Zero press release announcing his appointment.

All that hit a bit of a snag the following spring at the NDP convention in Montreal, when a young female staffer tending bar at a party piss-up complained of first having to peel an over-refreshed Anderson off a woman at closing time, and then fend off his lecherous attentions herself: “Drew then started hitting on me,” she said in a summary of her complaint. “He dropped my phone, etc. (A friend) extracted me, and we left to get away from Drew.”

Though the first instinct of party poobahs was to reprimand the woman for telling tales out of school, she eventually got a letter of apology and an assurance that NDP cocktail policies would get an overhaul. It was deemed unnecessary to send Drew a letter of reprimand; he’d suffered enough.

But then the whole unfortunate misunderstanding got leaked to the Ottawa Petfinder, and for whatever reason, Drew’s contract at U of O was not renewed, depriving them of his undoubted sensitivity and expertise during last fall’s hockey tag-teaming incident and student federation sex harassment imbroglio.

Welcome back, Drew!

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