Frank Question

Who were the two crown attorneys discovered in flagrante delicto in an Ottawa courtroom last month?

The way we hear it, the legalists were in a small room at the back of the courtroom, er, exchanging briefs, while another case was being heard. They assumed they couldn’t be seen through the one-way glass.

Wrong! It was two-way glass, and from her bench, Justice Jacqueline Loignon could observe the entire skin flute recital, from cadenza to crescendo.

Thankfully, before the punters in her courtroom could turn around to get a gawk, Loignon dispatched the clerk to instruct the perfervid prosecutors to cease and desist.

All rise!

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2 comments on “Frank Question
  1. Gladiator says:

    Pro Bono indeed….

  2. orphancarguy says:

    Queue. E. D.

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