Lord Tubby vice-regally rooked

I fear Tubby Black’s re-integration into society has hit another ignominious setback.

Even as he awaited the verdict on his fraud appeal back in June 2011, intellectual and social inferiors in the gutter press twitted His Lardship over reduced circumstances and evaporating invitations.

As the Toronto Standard reported: “Not too long ago, Black was approached by the organizers of the Massey Lectures to deliver the annual series of talks ‘at some point in the future’…

Problem is Conrad has enemies in these here parts. The idea had gone a certain distance down the road (a senior rep from the Massey coalition had gone to Florida to see his Lordship in the Hoosegow) when, of all people, former GG, and ardent Black hater Adrienne Clarkson’s head started spinning around like that poor girl in The Exorcist.

“Famously, Adrienne confronted Massey College El Jefe John Fraser in front of the York Club last summer and ‘spat nails’ at him for five whole minutes. At any rate, the notion is presently in dry dock with little hope of its ever being revived.”CLARKSONS

Time marches on and who is to deliver this year’s Massey Mumblers? Step forward, Adrienne Clarkson!

Turns out, however, La Adrienne wasn’t the Massey committee’s first choice. Indeed, Her Excellency is pinch-hitting for, yep, that great, heaving git she thought she’d torpedoed lo those many years ago.

Why did the committee contract with Black the second time around, only to drop him again like a gigantic bag of lard?

For clues, look no further than  to Tubby’s egregious December Zoomer TV spot with Rob Ford, during which Hizzoner was enabled to spin his vast repertoire of whoppers unchallenged– from his typical reeking assurances he was on the wagon, to his unsavoury and since-retracted insinuation that Toronto Star hack Daniel Dale was after his sexy kids.

The committee then settled on La Adrienne as a last minute seat stuffer. Suffice it to say that the world cannot wait even one more minute to hear Herself’s deep thoughts.

The CBC recently trotted out a teaser for her Massey series, titled Belonging: The Paradox of Citizenship, in which she pronounces that “Canada was a pretty white country with white people in it when we first came, but it was a country that was different and I think I’ve contributed to that difference… and I want to make it clear to other people exactly what it is to belong in a country like Canada today.”

No country for Black men.

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2 comments on “Lord Tubby vice-regally rooked
  1. OJM says:

    I can remember a time when the Massey Lectures were delivered by thinkers of international stature, people with something to say and the ability to say it well. Conrad Black? Adrienne Clarkson? Good grief.

  2. orphancarguy says:

    I’m not sure. St Tubby of FleetEnema St has always been able to write and talk a silvery line. One of those people who is quite despicable for all too many reasons–mostly that he is a despicable person and to the right of the most egregious of Maggie T’s Ministers, but he does talk and write a good line. Perhaps that is how he has carried it all off for so long, since his prep-school days in shorts. Not that I would ever listen to the Masseys as decoded by Himself. But, there have been less stellar talking heads at the Massey, than Black and Ms Clarkson-Ralston-Saul. Like…hmmm….It have to think about this.

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