Municipal Waste: Bruce Winchester’s deadbeat shame

Another ill-timed embarrassment for Bruce Winchester.

The onetime policy advisor to Tory minister Christian Paradis has been chronically underemployed since his 2012 sacking, around the time his wife, Charlene, discovered he’d been schtupping ministerial co-flunky Jillian Andrews. (See also: Bruce Alrighty.)

The judge awarded Charlene the matrimonial digs, $94K of Bruce’s pension and $828 a month in child support for their three daughters, which doesn’t leave much for his Ottawa city council run in River Ward.

Still, low-cost options are available for the budget-conscious candidate, and Bruce is taking his case to the people on Facebook:

“I want River Ward to continue to have a strong taxpayers’ voice on Ottawa City Council. I have lived in the ward for over three decades and I want our community to be the best place to raise my kids and for all of us to enjoy the best of what our great city has to offer. On October 27, Vote Bruce Winchester.
‘We all Win with Winchester’” (geddit?!—ed.)

Alas, Bruce’s fiscal conservativism also extends to Charlene and the girls, according to her galpal Joanne McColgan. Joanne has chosen this delicate juncture in Bruce’s campaign to start one of her own, taking up an online collection at the crowdfunding beg-a-rama GoFundMe:

“Desperately Seeking Relief for Single Mom
“My good friend, Charlene Winchester, has been through an acrimonious divorce that has left her broke.
“The good news is that The Office of the Children’s Lawyer was able to see how much better her three girls would be if Charlene has them with her most often. The custody battle was costly, but worth it.

“However, in an all too common tale, the Ex has proven himself to be a deadbeat. In order to avoid paying child support at his old six figure salary he’s ensured he remains unemployed. Honestly, how can a man with a master’s degree who speaks three languages be unable to find work for over two years?

“Hiding behind contract work, he continues his decade long emotional abuse, only now it has morphed into serious financial abuse. He lives between his parents and his girlfriend leaving Charlene to feed, clothe and house three young girls.

“The money raised will go to taking the Ex back to court for breach of several court orders including reneging on child care, child support, and clearing Charlene’s name off a joint $40,000 debt. Any money will help. Charlene stands to lose everything she has fought so hard for in the last two years, and her daughters stand to lose the little bit of stability they have left.”

The campaign, started September 21, had by Tuesday morning raised $420 of its $5,000 goal. To toss Charlene and the girls a shekel, go to

Alternately, to make a campaign contribution to Team Bruce and put our hero back on the road to meeting his financial obligations, call (613) 601-7655 or email

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