Prentice’s Apprentices: Mean Mr. Mandel

Stephen Mandel, Alberta’s newly-unelected minister of health, who, as mayor of Edmonton torched every Tory bridge between the North Saskatchewan and the Rideau rivers, has already begun driving staff from his office.

Ashley Warnock, Mandel’s chief of staff, quit last week. The government had kept her on–to maintain some stability– doing the job she’d done for Fred Horne, until he was shitcanned from cabinet by unelected premier Jim Prentice, as part of his campaign of de-Redfordization.

Whoopsie. Turns out that it was Mandel who fired Ashley’s father, Craig Warnock, from his job as the City of Edmonton’s chief financial officer in 2010. The defenestration was, of course, executed in Mandel’s typical bullyboy fashion: He stormed into the elder Warnock’s office, delivered a public humiliation, and then sacked him.

This was SOP for Mandel during his long reign of terror at the pyramid on Churchill Square. Mid-level bureaucrats lived in fear of morning phone calls from Hizzoner tearing them a new one for their new one.

The good news, sort of, is that their bosses never knew about it because the mayor never bothered to go through channels, as required by the Municipal Government Act. The rules are for the little people.

Political savants in Edmonton predict Mandel’s appointment will prove a catastrophe for Prentice. He’s an even bigger prick than deputy preem Thomas Lukaszuk, he doesn’t play well with others, ignores the rules and he’s as mean as a snake.

Worst of all, he wears bowties.

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2 comments on “Prentice’s Apprentices: Mean Mr. Mandel
  1. Patrick60 says:

    A snake, then, whose snake cannot hiss?

  2. Harry says:

    Is that foreskin I see sticking out of his shirt collar? Surely not.

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