A Spoonful of Terror Helps the Medicine Go Down!

I don’t care if you’re Protestant, Catholic or a Jew, like Doug Ford’s wife; now’s the time for us all to come together and finger the terrorists in our midst.

It’s a shame it took something like the CBC getting praised stateside for us to wake up and smell the hookahs, but we either play the cards we’re dealt or we play the ones we palmed under the table.

I know to the Jian Ghomeshi fans that won’t sound fair, but in war there’s no right or wrong. Yes, up and down still applies. Confusing those two could get you killed.

But when it comes to a choice of us or them, so long as you choose the right us, I say anything goes.

The UN may tell you something different, but who you gonna listen to?

I always figured there was something suspect about folks wanting to go to Parliament Hill.

I’m talkin’ now about the politicians. What’s in it for them?

I think the joint oughta be kept in lockdown until we get some straight answers.

Then after a security check we can start with a clean slate. And probably a lot less Quebec MPs to boot. So maybe some good can come of this after all.

We need to stay vigilant in coming days to guard against the enemies of liberty who mean to do us harm, like by bringing back the long-gun registry.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the shooter turns out to have been a Manchurian chicken of the gun control lobby.

I know it sounds nuts but you have to ask yourself, Who benefits?

But we’re better than to fall for that.

And by “we” I mean me and the Sergeant-At-Arms; to tell the truth I’m not so sure about you.

Can you name the player who scored the winning goal in game six of the 1964 Stanley Cup Finals?

If not I’m puttin’ you on my watchlist.

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5 comments on “A Spoonful of Terror Helps the Medicine Go Down!
  1. reym says:

    I’m not saying that this was a false flag operation, but Harper is going to milk it. The tragic death of a soldier will be shamelessly exploited. We’ll see an increase in surveillance of the citizenry, tighter border controls etc. Plus, Mulcair and Trudeau will be portrayed as spineless wimps leading up to the next election. As our economy starts to flounder, go macho. Classic strategy and it usually works. In Morris Berman’s words, we are “Slouching Towards Nuremburg”.

    • Yukoner says:

      You are correct but Trudeau and Mulcair ARE spineless wimps and it was on Harper’s watch that the soldier was killed.

    • Buckwheat says:

      So what if President Steve turns to the same tactics that made Papa Joey Stalin the long-lasting politico he wuz! What’s good fer the police state is still good for the police state, as Dick always sez. ‘Bout time we used the same winning (!) political tricks the Commies used like muzzling scientists, strengthening our own spy services, keeping a much closer eye on citizens, monitoring phone calls, concentrating power with one and only person – where it belongs (!) – and stomping out dissidence wherever we can. Liberty … hell – that’s fer Liberals, the no-good lefties!

  2. OJM says:

    The ’64 Cup Finals? This is your idea of a security test? Come on, Dick, it’s 2014. People have gadgets in their pockets that let them look up stuff like this in a flash (which is to say, approximately the duration of your most recent erection). We’re going need something a little more, er, reconditely Canadian, I’m afraid. For example:

    Complete the following phrase: ‘Our pet…’

    A. camel, Habibi
    B. made a excellent tagine
    C. is packed with C4
    D. Juliette

    See what I mean.

  3. Patrick60 says:

    Only by mocking this well-orchestrated (take a bow,H&K)propaganda Tsunami will the dregs of civil liberties we still enjoy have any chance of survival.

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