Bitchy Beard’s broadcast boycott

Oh, the howls of Tory outrage at Justin Trudeau’s six-day boycott of Sun Media hacks , until he got a quarter-assed apology for Ezra Levant’s dissertation on his slutty, slutty parents (Franks passim).

But how deafening the silence when one of the Tories’ own pulls the same stunt!

Take John Beard (for it is he.) The foreign affairs minister refuses to talk to Bob Fife, ever since the CTV News Parliamentary bureau chief broke the story in June 2013 that Beard and six cakeboy cronies had crashed at the official residence of Canada’s high commissioner, Gordon Campbell, for eight party-filled days and nights, free of charge, over Christmas 2012.

Baird will talk to other CTV hacks, including Don Martin, but his flat refusal to have anything to do with Fife is in its second big year.

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3 comments on “Bitchy Beard’s broadcast boycott
  1. Buckwheat says:

    “Cakeboy”? This old fart had to look that one up. Now that I know, I think that I might have to accuse Frank of going soft in its old age. So here it is: Your organ’s getting soft, boys!

  2. greenspot says:

    Rusty springs into action.

  3. Roland Beaulieu says:

    Cake Boy, perfect discription of our Canadian face to the world, or whatever

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