Cliche-o-Matic: “More questions than answers”

Investigations work like this: people who have more questions than answers can get in touch with Dreger via email.
– David Sanderson, Winnipeg Free Press, Oct. 4.

It is a display that invites more questions than answers, but offers so many tools to find them.
– Joseph Brean, National Post, Sept. 22.

You’d have thought the defending Norris Trophy winner [P.K. Subban] would have been a slam dunk to make Team Canada, but it seems there were more questions than answers leading up to the eventual selection process.
– Mike Zeisberger, Toronto Sun, Sept. 16.

The latest discovery of the lost [Franklin] expedition brings to the surface more questions than answers, especially as it concerns our role in the Arctic, our relationship to the first peoples of this place called Canada and our common future.
– Jacob Kearey-Moreland, Orillia Packet & Times, Sept. 13.

Desperate to find Amy (Mira Sorvino) in Seattle, Jack (John Simm) is flummoxed when his wife’s movements seem to raise more questions than answers.
– Calgary Herald, Aug. 30.

[ALS RESEARCHER] JANICE ROBERTSON: Well, five to 10 percent of ALS cases are inherited. That means it’s passed on through generations. The remainder are called sporadic cases. That means that we really don’t know what causes the disease. And, for example, one fact that has been brought out is that Gulf War veterans have a twofold increase of getting the disease. The reasons behind this are completely unclear.
MARCI IEN: So, a lot more questions than answers still at this point.
– Canada AM, Aug. 25.

As part of the Calgary Zoo’s work, its researchers are working with landowners to both study and come up with ways to protect the wetlands on private property. It’s helping to learn more about the frogs, but there are still many more questions than answers.
– Colette Derworiz, Calgary Herald, Aug 12.

Until today, there have always been more questions than answers about the content of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.
– Dan Lett, Winnipeg Free Press, Aug. 1.

The Senate scandals involving Mike Duffy and others have always generated more questions than answers.
– Editorial, Winnipeg Free Press, July 19.

[TDSB chair Chris] Bolton abruptly resigned in June, five months before his term as a trustee was to expire, leaving his colleagues on the board to deal with the fallout from the agreement with the Confucius Institute. Trustees found themselves facing more questions than answers about an agreement unilaterally negotiated by Mr. Bolton.
– Caroline Alphonso and Karen Howlett, Globe and Mail, July 17.

The Toronto Star’s Susan Delacourt, meanwhile, imagines a Canada in which we have “abolished” political parties because they stopped doing what they were supposed to do and turned themselves into cynical marketing machines. We must say we are left with more questions than answers.
– Chris Selley, National Post, July 14.

Winner: Winnipeg Free Press (3)

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