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Hard to puke and clip coupons at the same time
How Ebola could affect your stock portfolio
—Financial Post, Oct. 4, 2014.

Canada’s national police force, on the other hand, can go screw itself
“The RCMP decision, which is causing much glee among anti-fur activists, is being fully overturned. Our government will always stand up for Canada’s hunters and trappers.”
—Enviro-min Leona Aglukkaq, quoted by Jim Bronskill, Canadian Press, Oct. 1, 2104.

And my sons Corinna and Kristina will back me up on that
The word ‘son’ has more than one definition; it does not necessarily refer to male offspring. This is particularly true when referencing nationhood. There is no reason to change the anthem’s lyrics. The current wording is politically correct and is gender neutral.
—Tory MP Peter Goldring, in a press release, Sept. 23, 2014.

He’s the biggest, bravest mayor ever, and he calls me Joe!
Mayor Ford said he thinks he would have won the election had he not been cancer stricken and he thinks Doug will, too. “I think the opposition are going to be in for the shock of their life,” he said.
The phone rang and he answered it. It was somebody calling about a tree. “Sorry I have got to go, Joe. I have got to deal with some things,” said Ford.
—Joe Warmington, Toronto Sun, October 01, 2014.

Oh, and did I mention she’s my stepmom? No, I guess I didn’t
We need a leader in the Mayor’s chair who can heal the wounds of this last term and someone who can bring the city together. I know Olivia Chow is that leader, and that’s why I am proud to support her this election. Olivia is the leader Toronto needs now….
On October 27, I hope you will join me in voting for Olivia Chow.
—Toronto city councillor Mike Layton,

Tweedledum and Tweedledummer
It’s official! Summer of 2014 was hottest on record
—Los Angeles Times, Sept. 19, 2014.

Global warming linked to several extreme weather events
–, Sept. 29, 2014

Shrinking Arctic Sea Means Scorching US Summers
–, Dec. 8, 2014.

There has been no world-wide warming in at least 19 years, and perhaps as long as 26 years. Hurricanes, tornados [sic], floods and droughts have not increased in number or intensity. Melting of the ice-cap around the North Pole has slowed (and may even be reversing itself)….
—Lorne Gunter, Sun Media, Sept. 24, 2014.

There just hasn’t been any measurable global warming since 1998. [T]here are fewer tornadoes or hurricanes or sweltering days now than ever. Ice levels in the Arctic and Antarctic are firmly within normal bandwiths [sic].
—Ezra Levant, Sun Media, Sept. 28, 2014.

Er, isn’t being a Sun columnist the formal definition of white privilege?
Frankly, as a white person who’s struggled all my life to become privileged, I really wish I knew what white privilege is, because I’d like a heaping helping. If I’d had a chunk of white privilege, I wouldn’t have had to bust my butt every working day to make a living.
—Christina Blizzard, Sun Media, Oct. 3, 2014.

And make no mistake, writing while female is what most women are forced to do
I always tell young women: never underestimate how much you are hated. I throw away letters, wear sunglasses whole blocking email and block nonstop on Twitter, which is what women have to do if they write while female.
—Heather Mallick, Toronto Star, Oct. 1, 2014.

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3 comments on “Latest Drivel
  1. orphancarguy says:

    Leona sure knows how to give her best trained seal of approval.

  2. Papadoc says:

    Heather should grow a beard and write as a male. Angst solved!

  3. OJM says:

    A person who needs to “bust my butt” to produce a column for the Sun papers really ought to find a more suitable line of work. This is akin to someone labouring to make microwave popcorn or play peek-a-boo with an infant.

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