Remedial Media: Hubie’s Habs heartbreak

Poor Hubie Lacroix!

Bad enough the CBC obergruppenfuhrer got blamed for the loss of Hockey Night In Canada, which the network had broadcast for 61 years. That fiasco cost the Corpse tens of millions of dollars in ad revenue, leading to scores of hacks being thrown over the side, dire morale problems and Hubie widely assailed as a total cock.

Then came the Jian Ghomeshi shit show, which has driven away thousands of loyal CBC-Radio listeners, who blamed the Corpse and took sides with the Persian perv.

To make matters worse, not only has Ghomeshi beaten a hasty retreat (shurely shome mishtake?!—ed.), but so has Hubie’s wife, France Belanger.

A hotshot lawyer with Stikeman Elliott, Belanger hooked up with Hubie some ten years ago, when he was a senior adviser to the law firm’s Montreal branch. They married and had two daughters, although Hubie was reportedly hesitant about parenting, as he was already in his fifties when the girls were born.

In 2013, Belanger left Stikeman’s—and Hubie–to become chief legal counsel and senior VP for the Montreal Canadiens. Coincidentally, that was about the same time rumours began circulating that she had dumped Hubie in favour of a legover with Marc Bergevin, the Habs general manager.

Nothing could be further from the truth and such scurrilous remarks have no place in a family publication, etc.

Lucky for Hubie, he gets his daughters, now six and seven-years-old, on alternate weekends. Indeed, he was spotted en famille at a golf course only last month, trying to stay calm as he explained to his girls the joys of golf, the pleasure of the birdsong around a dew-covered first green, the life lessons to be learned…
Patience, Hubie, patience.

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One comment on “Remedial Media: Hubie’s Habs heartbreak
  1. orphancarguy says:

    “Give me an unspoiled and naive young girl of 6 or 7 to learn the joys of the mashie and niblick at 6:00AM on a soggy weekend or 17 traipsing through the rough on Ennui-on-the-Rideau Links,” said chief caddie Woody McCrackin, “and I’ll give you back a young teenager that will hate your guts, like a normal teenager should.”

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