The Single Kevin Theory 2: Kev’ Harder!

The hosannas for heroic Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers reached a fever pitch this week, with a petition to pin the Cross of Valour on him started up by Sun Media braunshirt Kevin Gaudet (Franks passim).

Public Safety Minister Stephen Blaney took a moment off from writing blank cheques to CSIS to lend his support to the idea.

“It’s the ultimate act of bravery,” quoth Blaney of our Kev’. “He was in the line of fire.”

A definitive account of precisely what occurred in the Hall of Honour on 10/22 is still pending, but there seems to be general agreement that Michael Zehaf-Bibeau went down in a hail of many bullets from many guns.

Alas, that version is at odds with the narrative Vickers initially told friends in the media, i.e., he squeezed off three direct hits, including one to the head, which brought down the assailant.

Granted, these are not situations in which clarity reigns and high scores for heroism can be definitively handed out, but that’s a long way from the most recent account that the shooter had already been brought down by other security thingies and he was lying incapacitated at the library doors.

At that point, Vickers stepped in and executed the helpless Bibeau.

If this turns out to be the case, we’ll doubtless find a more photogenic way to state it when a grateful nation tosses the Sgt.-At-Arms’ fruit salad with Canada’s highest civilian honour for bravery.

Whose House? Kev’s House!

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4 comments on “The Single Kevin Theory 2: Kev’ Harder!
  1. Patrick60 says:

    Myths are useful to the Harpers of the world. Strange that the autopsy and forensics haven’t been released yet. Or is it?

    • phargrav says:

      Stephen Joseph Harper, or “Uncle Joe” to his friends. Myth # 1: The Great Patriotic War which defended Harpergrad, er … Calgary, will be see seen as the place where the hordes from Ontario were repelled. And who knows, during the next election campaign we may see parasites, degenerates, and counter-revolutionaries (i.e. Lib and NDP voters) put into camps in Alberta and beaten with Conservative lawn signs. Only joking! He’d never sink so low, even if he had the power to do so. He wouldn’t! Would he?

  2. orphancarguy says:

    First Harper’s Minions came for the scientists. Then the bird watchers. The forensics teams and coroners are next!

  3. diggle says:

    It was a possibly fatal error for the RCMP to appoint the serially-inept OPP to investigate the whole episode. The police investigating the police, again, again. It will be interesting to see if the citizens ever receive a credible account of whose bullets went where, and when, as forensics should prove. I wonder if every firearm discharged was immediately seized as evidence. And I wonder if Bibeau’s video will be made public in its entirety, sans editing and redactions (in the interest of “national security”, bien sur). Context is everything.

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