The Single Kevin Theory

Frank loves a real-life Canadian action hero as much as the next satirical rag, but isn’t the rush to canonize Kevin Vickers a bit hasty?

Consider how little is known about what really happened in the shoot-out with Michael Zehaf-Bibeau in front of the Parliamentary Library Wednesday. (Indeed, about the only thing we know for certain is that the video clip by Globe and Minion typist Josh Wingrove reveals Zehaf-Bibeau was killed in a barrage of gunfire–from several shooters.)

Wingrove himself has said repeatedly that there is absolutely no way to know who made the kill shot, if there even was only a single kill shot.

But that hasn’t encumbered the sergeant-at-arms from claiming that he “brought him down.” It is a version of events repeated by MPs and duly reported by journos, despite the fact MPs didn’t actually see the shooting, as they were barricaded in caucus rooms.

The other prominent “eye witness” retailing Vickers’ account is Craig “Ginger” Oliver, the veteran CTV newsthingy and longtime Vickers drinking buddy.

According to Ginger, Vickers is a “reluctant hero,” the second coming of Bruce Willis, diving to the ground, possibly in slow motion, and shooting the bad guy between the eyes.

“Kevin Vickers went into a lock box and took out a 9mm pistol,” Oliver told CTV News viewers Wednesday. “Then he went running out the door, gun in hand, and saw the assailant in the alcove, probably ready to jump out and continue firing.

“Vickers threw himself on the ground to lessen himself as a target, fired three times at the assailant, hitting him each time, probably including one shot in the head. And he went down.

“In the process, Mr. Vickers, who will be a reluctant hero, probably saved the lives of many, many people.”

Never mind that Oliver, legally blind, is to eye witness as Paul Calandra is to character witness.

How did Craig come by this shot-by-shot account?

Well, er, his friend, Kevin, the reluctant hero, told him. In all modesty, bien sur.

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6 comments on “The Single Kevin Theory
  1. rumleyfips says:

    I wondered about that but I also wonder about what I’m seeing in the video. A hail of bullets yes, but was the gunman offering any resistance. If he is the guy at the end of the hall the video does not portay him as aggressive.

  2. rumleyfips says:

    Once again you beat the rest of the media . First thing this morning I saw a Power and Politics piece based on a rather self serving interview with Kev.

    A couple of hours later a story that contradicts this was published.

  3. Patrick60 says:

    Where would we be without Frank’s persistent, if troubling, questions to the “official version” (TM)?

  4. portabletrading says:

    Oh, you silly satirical pressmen.

    Vickers puts the “V” in E1V. The tactical-rollover-killshot for a 60 year old big 6’4″ dude is a nice fantasy, but in the end, you just saw a civil servant earn his salary. Buy him Foran’s Taxi chits for life and pay whatever he needs.

  5. Snake says:

    the turd was flushed..that’s what matters…

  6. Stbarnabas says:

    Ginger got to sell this story for hour after hour on CTV and its Newschannel. The anchors lapped it up and, god forbid, never had the nerve to ask him a question about it. Only comment “he’s a hero.”

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