The Twidiocy: Special Loss of Innocence Edition


John Ivison ‏@IvisonJ
Canada has just lost her innocence.

Ian ‏@ianberg
@IvisonJ The Northwest Rebellion, trial and execution of Louis Riel 1885: also a good candidate for when Canada lost her innocence.


Bill Curry @curryb
Eyewitnesses say suspect has long dark hair and two said he appeared to be aboriginal

David Reevely @davidreevely
Shooter was “South American” in colour. Hoodie with bandanna. Got into a car.r5yuf

John Ivison ‏@IvisonJ
Eye witness who saw shooting at Cenotaph from his office says youngish (30) Caucasian male, with black and white headscarf around his head..

Charles Lister ‏@Charles_Lister
#Canada parliament official on @BBCNews says he saw gunman: “he looked Arabian, long hair & small beard” #Ottawa



Paul McLeod ‏@pdmcleod
Oh my god. There’s someone on the roof with a gun

Paul McLeod ‏@pdmcleod
That might be exaggeration as other officer said there “might be someone with a gun on the roof”

Glen McGregor @glen_mcgregor
Report that a shooter on the roof of a building apparently not true according to chatter overheard on police radios.

Richard Madan ‏@RichardMadan
Police confirm 3 shootings: inside Parliament Hill, at War Memorial, nearby mall. Won’t say if all connected #cdnpoli

John Ivison ‪@IvisonJ
Confirmation of shooting at Rideau Centre.

Althia Raj @althiaraj
“Contrary to earlier reports no incident occurred near the Rideau Centre.”

Sun News Network @SunNewNetwork
Credible sources tell @SunNewsNetwork there may be as many as five active shooters in #Ottawa



John Baird ‏@HonJohnBaird
To those asking – yes I’m OK. Awful events here in Ottawa.

Tony Clement @TonyClementCPC
Still trapped here, barricaded. Not in my office, but elsewhere. #OttawaShooting

Althia Raj ‏@althiaraj
Trudeau spokeswoman says he is “safe and in a secure location.”

Eve Adams, MP ‏@MPEveAdams
Thank you for all of your notes. My son and staff are all safe. Please take care.



Michael Coren @michaelcoren
I wish to the bottom of my heart I had been wrong when I said there would be more attacks.

Rob Silver ‏@RobSilver
@michaelcoren my wife is still in parliament so go fuck yourself Michael.

Peter Henderscare ‏@Henderburn
@michaelcoren fuck you, you worthless garbage person. I just saw a soldier die and you’re plugging your stupid book.

Michael Coren ‏@michaelcoren
I will say again, I wish I had been wrong when I said there would be more attacks. Re book – apologies: it was an automatic link.

CC ‏@canadiancynic
Dear @michaelcoren: It’s called a “screenshot.” Nice try, though. …


NOWHERE IS HEARDWB_HEARD_640x360_84555331547

Ray Heard ‏@RayHeard
Maybe, just maybe, the Ottawa and Quedbec terrorist attacks will force @justintrudeau to support the war against ISIS. #canada #cdnpoli

Ray Heard ‏@RayHeard
Media Party has to eat crow as Parliament Hill attacked by terrorists day after Quebec attack. They scoffed at this prospwect. @cdnpoli.

Ray Heard ‏@RayHeard
Soldier killed in Ottawa was guarding Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Tragic irony!


ALL ABOUT EVEEve-Adams-20111121

Eve Adams, MP ‏@MPEveAdams
Have given interviews to CNN, BBC and ABC. We stand strong-+ but am concerned for my staff and volunteers who are still barricaded in.

Eve Adams, MP @MPEveAdams
As an 18 year old staffer to the former Finance Minister, I could pull my car up to the front entrance by the Peace Tower at 11pm.

Eve Adams, MP @MPEveAdams
My family fought in the Revolution. Unarmed they lost to Soviet tanks all the while praying for honest bystanders to help. ISIL enslaves 2/3



kady o’malley ‏@kady
Large police van now on the scene. Guy beside me, on phone: “We’re with all the media now, so we’re safe.” #hw

Glen McGregor ‏@glen_mcgregor
If anyone downtown has a usb power supply and iPhone 5 cable, please lend it to me at Bank & Queen. I’ll pay you anything!

Steve Ladurantaye ‏@sladurantaye
Would be a good time to establish a hashtag in Ottawa. Has anyone seen one used a lot? @kady?

Stephen Maher ‏@stphnmaher
Me: “Are you seeking a suspect now?” Officer: “Obviously.”



Steve Ladurantaye @sladurantaye
AM radio is never more important than during crisis. And @CFRA is doing a very, very good job. #Ottawa

Steve Ladurantaye ‏@sladurantaye
Lowell Green on @cfra suggesting we need to censor “the Internet and satellite TV” to stop radicalization.

Steve Ladurantaye ‏@sladurantaye
“Is there any physical way we have of blocking content from the Internet?” Lowell Green asks @_MarkSutcliffe. #Ottawa



Roy MacGregor ‏@RoyMacG
Senators-leafs may be cancelled. Coach Paul MacLean says decision would be NHL’s. Leafs in lock-down hotel downtown.

Ben Mulroney retweeted
etalk ‏@etalkCTV
VOTE: Is #ReneeZellweger being treated unfairly? CC: @amirightfolks @hububs #stalk

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8 comments on “The Twidiocy: Special Loss of Innocence Edition
  1. orphancarguy says:

    I’ll correct SunNewsNetwork now. I think they meant to tweet ‘credulous’ not ‘credible’. God bless Roy Mac and Ben M for reminding us that unimportant stuff still goes on all the time, whether or not we care. Brian Mulroney is 107.

  2. Papadoc says:

    I hope all these silly tweeters are feeling ashamed today for losing their brains yesterday. One nutter gets loose with a gun and the city locks down. Harper has everybody scared shitless with his bullying, bragging war talk. This isn’t an act of terror, but the result of mental instability and Canada’s choice not to deal with that issue.

  3. Bunyak says:

    If Lowell Green convinces the government to pull the plug on, will I receive a refund?

  4. drdjet says:

    Papadoc is right, but there is also a wider nutter context. Muslim Arabs have been ground down so badly that now they have an entire movement of armed nutters. Sadly this gives hater twerps like Harper an excuse to follow the big dogs into a war, and to build a police state here. What would it take to go back to the source and stop grinding down the Muslim Arabs? Just asking.

  5. OJM says:

    Hmmm…was Clement actually in his office, cleverly tweeting false intel to misdirect the jihadi hordes? The classic nobody-here-but-us-chickens ploy, updated to the Digital Age.

  6. diggle says:

    It’s the usual, predictable deluge of drivel.

  7. Buckwheat says:

    Hmm. Is it too late to add to the list of Wankers of the Year?

  8. Patrick60 says:

    Sadly,Orwellian legislation will ride this tide of hysteria right through to Royal Assent.

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