The Twidiocy: You Can’t Polish a Heard, Part IV

Ray Heard ‏‪@RayHeard  Oct. 13
Like ‪@JustinTrudeau, ‪@cafreeland is narcissist who Tweets, Facebooks only items about herself.

@RayHeard Apr 2
 Having covered Watergate, qualified to say @kathleen_wynne is sub-Arctic Nixon.

@RayHeard Jul 13 
I was covering Apollo 11 when Kennedy went off bridge. I stayed in Houston; tabloid guys repaired to Chappaquiddick

@Ray Heard Jun 24
 When I covered JFK, LBJ (early years) and RFK it was worse.

@RayHeard Jun 23
 Nixon wrote me a letter about — get this! — surfing when I covered him.

@RayHeard Aug 27
 Which confirms my neighbour, billionaire David Tjomson (sic), has shallow pockets.

@RayHeard Aug 28
 When I edited Mtl Star, ran Global News.

@RayHeard Aug 27
 Where we live houses alone are worth $15-$20-million.

@RayHeard Aug 27 
Hey, I live in Rosedale, almost next door to (David) Thomson

@RayHeard Jun 13
 I know Madiba; helped make him Hon. Canadian.

@RayHeard Oct. 10
 I am so lucky to have covered Mandela in late 50s. Proud I made him Hon. Canadian, a difficult task.



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7 comments on “The Twidiocy: You Can’t Polish a Heard, Part IV
  1. busty says:

    This is a series that will never end.

  2. Steve-O says:

    I have said it before: Twitter is mainly an outlet for people with verbal diarrhea.

  3. Papadoc says:

    Bad journalistic decision Ray. Should have torn yourself away from the Houston bar. You missed the exciting Chappaquidick story. Where was your head? Yea, let me guess.

  4. gormab says:

    When he “edited Mtl Star.” Bullshit.
    Heard was the Managing Editor. HIs nickname was “the roadrunner” because he was so scattered, hyperactive and twitchy.
    Frank Lowe was the Editor-in-Chief.
    That Means Lowe “edited the paper,” and Heard was No. 2.
    As far as running Global News is concerned, when did that become something to be proud of.

  5. gormab says:

    Oops, make that Frank Walker. Lowe was a columnist of the time.

  6. anonymous says:

    Re Brian Gorman’s note (Nov. 15) that Ray Heard did not “edit” the Montreal Star, and that there’s scant pride in Heard’s having “run” Global News. Gorman’s right on both counts, and the following may shine a light on ol’ Ray’s steel trap of a mind.
    When Toronto pastrami king Sam Shopsowitz died in September, 1984, news of his demise reached journos at the inconvenient hour of around 5 p.m. Global’s supper-hour show came on at 6 and was local in those days, so Shopsy’s death was a lead item. Sluggos began feverishly assembling an item, and found plenty of B-roll and old clips of the meat baron. By 5:45, when a decent package was more or less ready to air, Heard stormed into the newsroom, which was nowhere near his office, waving the news release in simian fashion and hollering, “Shopsy’s dead! Shopsy’s dead! Let’s get on it, people!” Much wheezy laughter and knowing glances among hacks ensued.
    Um, so, yeah. That pretty much sums up how Heard “ran” Global.

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