Usher of the white flag

My heart goes out to J. Greg Peters, Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod.

While Sgt.-At-Arms Kevin Vickers gets all the glory for his sangfroid in popping jihadi wannabe Mikey Zehaf-Bibeau (see also: The Single Kevin Theory), the Senate’s chief doorman ended up in hospital after jumping out a second-floor window to escape. Alas, he injured his legs, and now endures audible sniggers behind his be-robed back.

Hard to blame the Black Rod for getting the hell outta Dodge — Senate security still hasn’t been issued firearms — but the man’s underlings have been relentless.

Although he’s an ex-Mountie like Vickers, Senate security sluggos rate him a career desk jockey whose last gig, after all, had him in charge of the, er, Musical Ride.

PEI boy Peters spoke to the Guardian back in Charlottetown, which gamely tried to put a heroic gloss on his great escape, “swung into action…instincts of a cop.”

When the fit hit the shan, Peters told the Guardian, he went into “tactical mode,” preparing for “fight or flight” (spoiler: flight).

But to hear the Black Rod’s subordinates tell it, though, Peters was hiding in his office with his secretary when the RCMP came to check on him.

When they banged on the door, Peters thought it was the terrorists coming to get him, so he legged it out the window, off the balcony above the Senate entrance and 20 feet onto the pavement below.

Honi soit qui mal y pense.


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3 comments on “Usher of the white flag
  1. Patrick60 says:

    Ah, the truth, so much less glorious and far more believable than the “Official Version” TM

  2. portabletrading says:

    Meanwhile, René Jalbert, who talked down Lortie in the Quebec National Assembly, was rod-boy after his heroics.

    Keith, FCS. Take the kudos and get the hell out of Ottawa. Take your pension, come back home, and you and Cousin Toonie can help prevent Ted Brewer’s Esso, bar and VLTs from attack.

  3. Snake says:

    Black Rod shafted??

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