A Timely Shoutout from a Classy Guy

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6 comments on “A Timely Shoutout from a Classy Guy
  1. OJM says:

    Alright, Franksters, let’s settle this Duffy residency conundrum once and for all. Forget the driver’s license, health card, tax returns…when you post your organ each fortnight does ol’ Duff’s copy go to Cavendish or Kanata?

  2. Auldhame Farm says:

    Causes my dogs to growl.

  3. Mikeonthebike says:

    This was in fact his reply on SKYPE when you called for a PEI user,,. Primary SKYPE home

  4. katana says:

    The look in his eyes right after he finishes saying his name. Beware!

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