This Week in the Ottawa Petfinder

Moose riding: the crime that’s unique to Canada
Man who jumped on back of animal could be facing harassment charges
–June 24.

Chinese town holds dog meat festival despite objections
…Dog is eaten in some parts of China but is not a common dish.
Owning dogs as pets was discouraged under early Communist Party rule but has become increasingly popular among the Chinese public, especially the urban middle class.
– June 23.

Kids locked in as bear shows up at school
That was no teddy bear at an elementary school in Gatineau Thursday morning. The baby bear was black, furry and very much alive…
– June 20.

Method city uses to control goose population inhumane
– June 17.

Shell-shocked: Shaking eggs can deform baby geese, experts say
– June 16.

City plans to coat goose eggs in oil
– June 15.

Feline fans gather to worship cats, watch videos at Lansdowne
Ottawa’s worship of cat culture was on full display Saturday at the temple that was the Horticulture Building at Lansdowne Park, where the second annual Just For Cats film festival attracted some 200 people in celebration of all things feline.
– June 14.

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