Catfight! Ezra v. Tabby

It was one of those uncommon occasions when Ezra Levant abandoned his customary smears, slanders and swinery to fundraise $5,000 to help Yazidi women abused and assaulted by ISIL

But you knew it couldn’t last and sooner or later the little pisher would revert to odious form and stain his own endeavor by heaping abuse on one of his many obsessive hate interests, this time Globe and Mail columnist Tabatha Southey:

“The Media Party hasn’t given a cent…what a bunch of phonies,” he tweeted last week. “All the RefugeeChallenge donations have come from grassroots conservatives. No surprise.
“@TabathaSouthey is a poseur. A harpy who won’t give a cent of her own.”

Levant’s throbbing hate-on for Southey goes back a couple of years when she had the temerity to publicly support Tarek Loubani and John Greyson, the Canadian human rights activists jailed in Egypt in 2013.

Levant accused the pair of being anti-Israel “trouble seekers” making common cause with Hamas and they deserved everything they got.

So when Southey replied “Fuck you, @ezralevant,” on Twitter, he was off to the races

“Tabatha Southey, a gossip columnist for the Globe and Mail said she was literally crying when she hear of Greyson and Loubani’s release,” he ranted on Sun News.

“She was also writing that she was going for a drink, so perhaps it was the alcohol speaking, but then, out of the blue, with no provocation from me at all, she just blurted out on Twitter, “F u , ezralevant.”

“Whoaoaoao! Easy does it. That’s just the sixth white wine spritzer talking, I’m sure.

“Maybe she was drunk tweeting and meant to swear at her ex husband and the source of her unearned riches, Dave Foley. Remember him?

“He was with the Kids in the Hall and NewsRadio.
Here’s Foley talking about his ex wife:

Foley: “I pay $17,700 a month. I was ordered by a Canadian court to pay what was at that point five times my income every month in child support. Which was based on my earnings when I was doing NewsRadio. And I don’t know if you’ve checked the listings, it hasn’t been on for 12 years.

“I live in a small loft in downtown L.A., and my family in Toronto lives in a two and a half million dollar house on a park.”

Ezra: “This is the Globe and Mail’s fanciest columnist, their prettiest voice, their most articulate critic telling me to “F” off because I wasn’t joining in the emotional orgy of the rest of the media party literally crying for these two pro Hamas sympathizers being released from jail.

“For Southey, it’s all about being fashionable. I’m guessing she lives in a fashionable house. She has a fashionable celebrity ex husband; she eats at the fashionable restaurants in Toronto.

“In the 50 days of Southey’s slacktivism, you know, of her clicking on “Facebook pages and tweeting from the local wine bar about how much she deeply cared,

“[In crying] she wanted to prove to the world that, although she didn’t lift a finger for them, she cared more than anyone else. She cried and you didn’t! So she’s better than you. Pretty clear who the Mother Teresa in Toronto is, right?

“If these professional protestors in Cairo were up to no good, it means that Southey herself wasn’t such a saint for supporting them, right?

“Perhaps [my facts] ruined plans for a fancy welcome home party?

“She really couldn’t show them off to all her fancy friends if they were morally dirty could she?
“Did another Canadian media outlet tell you about Loubani being arrested by cops in London Ontario for screaming at a Canadian cabinet minister [Diane Finley] and refusing to leave when asked by security? Of course not!*

“Southey pretends she’s a feminist—easy when you demand big cheques from your ex husband, isn’t it?

“Of course Tabatha Southey hates me. I report facts that contradict The Team.”

*Fact check:
Headline: “Loubani and the other doctors showed up and heckled Finley about the government’s changes to the new refugee health-care policy.
–Orillia Packet & Times, Oct. 5, 2013.
–Owen Sound Sun Times, Aug. 19, 2013
–Canadian Press, Aug. 19, 2013.
–London Free Press, July 7, 2012.
–Calgary Herald, July 9, 2012.

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  1. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    Ezra may be the only non-hypocrite in Canada – a genuine turd.

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