Cliche-o-matic: “-ish!”

So Hutchison, who has endured a maddeningly inconsistent season, wasn’t helped any by his defence on Friday night. But he did little to aid his own effort, allowing six runs on nine hits, including three(ish) homers.
–Brendan Kennedy, Toronto Star, Sept. 5, 2015.

She is his newlywed-ish wife and a mighty ticked-off woman.
–Rosie DiManno, Toronto Star, Sept. 5.

Particularly luminous in that pantheon of unknown paddlers are brothers Phil and Lorne Chester, with whom [Roy] MacGregor regularly paddles. If Bob and Doug McKenzie, of SCTV infamy, were canoeists, then the Chester brothers would be their reincarnation, stars of a Mel Brooks-ish tale (think Blazing Paddles),
–James Raffan, Globe and Mail, Sept. 5.

It stems from the period in Cirque’s early-ish history when a few mythic elements (like the story of Icarus)…
–Richard Ouzounian, Toronto Star, Sept. 4.

Stauskas and Wiggins each showed off their dishing ability on the fast-ish break, too.
–Eric Koreen, National Post, Sept. 4.

[Fear The Walking Dead] amassed record ratings for its debut, but holding its audience may not be easy. Critical response has been decidedly mixed. On Twitter, viewers have derided the show as slow and soap-opera-ish.
–Stephen L. Carter, National Post, Sept. 2.

Serena Williams has been most at ease. If, on occasion, notably prima donna-ish.
–Rosie DiManno, Toronto Star, Aug. 31.

We’re in the realm of peak television – so much so that producers are now even making new versions of new-ish shows (Heroes Reborn and Fear the Walking Dead).
–Stacey May Fowles, Globe and Mail, Aug. 29.

An Agatha Christie adaptation for the modern-ish age
–Globe and Mail headline, Aug. 29.

 This ruffled, Everyman-ish air is why so many people liked Wallace. And it’s the awareness of this charm that Wallace found so totally exasperating.
–John Semley, Globe and Mail, Aug. 28.

Steakhouse appetizers are a waste of stomach space. If you choose to ignore this advice at Carmen’s, stick to the light-ish Caesar salad ($10) with a whack of Worcestershire sauce in the dressing and not much bacon and cheese.
–Amy Pataki, Toronto Star, Aug. 26.

With Anna, Gibb had been happy or at least happy-ish. Now she was alone again and with a baby.
–Carly Lewis, Toronto Star, Aug. 25.

Winner: Toronto Star, 6.  Dishonourable mention: Rosie DiManno, 2.




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