Harper Talks the Old-Stock Talk and Walks the Old-Stock Walk!

I didn’t watch the latest debate because I’m not retarded in the head.

Hell, I know who I want as PM, and it ain’t Muck-Liar or True-Dough. Though I’m not sure who I’ll be castin’ my ballot for, specific-like, because some Facebook posts may still come to light.

But from what I heard Mr. Harper did what he had to do, which was take a swipe at immigrants.

I know not everybody, not even otherwise normal, old-stock Canadians, will like this, but we need a leader who dares to put foreigners in their place. Namely, wherever the hell they came from.

Some might say it’ll cost votes, but apart from killin’ us all I wouldn’t worry about the Muslims.

Their Sharia Law makes our own social conservatives look like flippin’ red Tories. But until ISIS registers with Elections Canada who else are they gonna vote for?

And “old stock” is nothin’ like “pure laine.” They’re completely different languages. And what languages!

One, English, you can speak without soundin’ like a garglin’ epileptic.

And Jack Parizeau was piss-pants drunk, whereas Mr. Harper was stone-cold sober. That’s the kind of man I want with his finger on the hot-button issues.

Didn’t watch the Republicans go at it either, but I’ll be sure to catch the next one.

Things sure have got funny stateside. I understand that Jeb admitted he smoked dope during the debate.

He should have waited until after the debate to smoke up. He probably just handed the nomination to Donnie Trump.

And one more thing. Alright, so that kid in Texas was just makin’ a clock.

But we don’t need a Muslim to tell us what time it is.

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7 comments on “Harper Talks the Old-Stock Talk and Walks the Old-Stock Walk!
  1. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    “Old stock” has Lynton Crosbie’s fingerprints all over it. Bet he hasn’t heard the term “pur laine” in his life, nor have the little shits in short pants.

  2. reym says:

    JMG, I think you’re absolutely right. Crosby has played the race card in other elections and with success, unfortunately. This week’s Conservative furor re: wearing a niqab at citizenship ceremonies is another case in point.

  3. rumleyfips says:

    Aussie advice. Be as big a racist asshole as possible and then give me a million dollars. And Stevie thought he could scam with the best.

  4. Patrick60 says:

    A dangerous sign, to be sure. He’ll have us burning crosses on our neighbour’s lawns yet.

  5. OJM says:

    I doubt I qualify as “old stock” in the Harperian sense…way too much olio e aceto balsamico coursing through these old capillaries. A good deal of Sleeman’s Cream Ale and maple-dipped donut grease as well…but, hey, all the assimilation in the world won’t make a true Canadian out of a damn dago.

    Guess I’ll just have to go back whence I – or, more precisely, my great-grandparents – came.

    Which, mind you, I’d be perfectly willing to do were it not that, Jesus Murphy, real estate prices in Tuscany these days make Vancouver look like a flea market.

  6. katana says:

    Trudeau used the same term in 2007 while criticizing the Conservative government’s motion recognizing Quebec as a nation within Canada.

    Trudeau wanted to know if that included everyone in Quebec, or just “old stock” pioneers.

    Former Liberal leader Stephane Dion used the phrase at a parliamentary committee last year saying:

    “If I’m fishing with a friend on a magnificent lake in the Laurentians … and I see a small boat in the distance … usually it’s two middle-aged, old-stock French-Canadians or English-Canadians.”

    • John MacLachlan Gray says:

      Yeah, but Trudeau was being ironic, while Dion’s usage was in a benign context. With Harper, practically in the next breath he brought up fake refugees scamming health care.

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