Drivel for Oct. 16, 2015.

Yep, we can
My 10-year old granddaughter is an empathic child, easily distressed by tales of human or animal suffering. Yet in her chosen Hallowe’en costume she will appear to be carrying her head and a “blood”-stained plastic meat cleaver after having been decapitated. I don’t see her as a future recruit to ISIL, though. One needn’t be a psychiatrist to understand that Hallowe’en acts as a healthy safety valve in managing childish fears. But even a 10-year old understands that while anti-social costumes are received with good cheer on Oct. 31, they would be inappropriate at other times. You can see where I’m headed here.
—Barbara Kay, National Post. Oct. 13, 2015.


Drivel pic

The niqab differs from other fashion accessories that promote faith and modesty like the kippah or hijab, and to pretend otherwise is disingenuous. The arc of contemporary Islamism, still in its ascendancy, frightens us. Our alleged “moral panic” is actually moral revulsion. When a symbol comes with this much baggage, libertarian rigidity in its support looks less like principled idealism and more like cultural self-sabotage. No leader who grasps and uproots this nettle need feel ashamed. True patriot love demands nothing less.
—Barbara Kay, National Post, Oct. 1, 2015.

Do what grandpa did and hide your real face behind…er, hang on a minute…
My grandfather immigrated from England more than a century ago knowing full well the discrimination he’d face as a Jew. There were no phony human rights laws back then, so he did what most Jewish (and other) immigrants did in order to become accepted in society: he assimilated and conformed to Canadian customs. He adopted an anglicized surname for a while. He worked on a farm and even went to church with the farm family to avoid being conspicuous. Eventually, as he saved his earnings, he was able to establish a better life without having to hide his identity any longer…. I would advise niqab wearers to do the same.
—Karen Selick, “lawyer and commentator,” National Post, Oct. 5, 2015.

Nuit noire
On the same night as the city was celebrating Nuit Blanche, hundreds of young people [from Toronto’s Jane-Finch ‘hood], many looking stoned or drunk, shouted down the police and forced them to take cover in a parking garage. It was an ugly scene. Disturbing and not something we are used to seeing in Toronto. It’s like they had absolutely no respect for the police…. A city can’t allow such anarchy to fester…. Certainly if it’s a trend, it’s something that must squashed [sic] immediately. The lack of respect for police should not be tolerated by anybody…. When the police are the ones being harassed, we bring it to the public’s attention because when someone gets killed at the next one, no one will be able to say they weren’t warned.
—Joe Wormington, Toronto Sun, Oct. 5, 2015.

Nice backhand
San Jose Sharks forward Raffi Torres says that “I am disappointed I have put myself in a position to be suspended again.”
—“Sharks’ Torres apologizes for hit,” Ottawa Sun, Oct. 9, 2015.


Er, aren’t you forgetting the happy part?
Happy (gluten-free, paleo, nut-free, kosher) Thanksgiving!
—Globe and Mail, Oct. 7, 2015.

Or, you could just dunk him in the pond and see if he floats
Here’s an easy way to spot a pro-niqab hypocrite: Mention the Hutterites
—Brian Lilley, The Rebel, Sept. 25, 2015.

Remedial reading lessons, speech therapy, prayer….
Jays cover all the bases in bid to say alive
—Globe and Mail, Oct. 12, 2015.

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6 comments on “Drivel for Oct. 16, 2015.
  1. Papadoc says:

    Geeeez….. let kids be kids, you need not psycho-analyze every bloody move and emotion.

  2. Trippetta says:

    I’m with Kay on the niquab. The only reason why so many so-called Liberals are in denial about how sexist it is is because they are afraid of being lumped in with the Tories.

  3. Trippetta says:

    I mean niqab–I wish we could edit our posts here.

  4. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    Not to mention those damn widows with their veils.

  5. Pepper says:

    Don’t forget brides.

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