Remedial Media: The Great Postmedia Rub ‘n’ Tug

Postmedia’s decision to whore itself to the Tories with unprecedented full front page ads this weekend has its origins in March, when the Competition Bureau cleared the way for the company’s purchase of the Sun Media chain.

According to a reliable Tory source, it was the PMO that smoothed the way for Postmedia supremo Paul Godfrey to buy 173 English-language news properties for $316-million.

At the PMO’s urging, the Competition Bureau gave it their rubber-stamp, even though the deal would allow for extraordinary concentration of ownership. Postmedia now controls both daily papers in five major cities in Canada, plus the Gazette in Montreal.

In exchange, the PMO got promises from Godfrey that he would pucker up at election time, with arliskhan editorial endorsements chain-wide and deep discounts on those wrap-around ads.

No surprise, really. Paul’s a devoted Conservative hack from way back. Readers will recall how he co-chaired last year’s Leader’s Dinner, the major PC fundraiser for the Ontario Tories. On the night of the provincial election he was ubiquitous at Tim Hudak’s HQ, making TV appearances and spinning hacks.

Previously, he ordered his flunkies at the Post to invite Hudak to discuss his platform with the editorial board and shoot videos for the online Post.

Curiously, neither Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne nor Andrea Horwath of the NDP got the same opportunity.

Then, as now, not one Postmedia hack denounced their boss’s electioneering.

Meanwhile, readers have been bailing on the Postmedia pifflesheets, cancelling their subscriptions amid complaints of, er, “yellow journalism.”


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9 comments on “Remedial Media: The Great Postmedia Rub ‘n’ Tug
  1. TomVradenburg says:

    Silvio Berlusconi musta taught him everything he knows, huh?

  2. daveS says:

    And the front pages under the cover advert?

  3. gormab says:

    The Penticton Herald is owned by David “The Rat” Radler’s Continental Newspapers.

  4. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    A high point for yellow journalism, & yellow journalists as well.

  5. reym says:

    Hey, how about that Andrew Coyne guy? He voted NDP! WTF? Pigs can now fly.

  6. Steve-O says:

    Postmedia probably would have published those front page ads anyway. They must be so happy that Harper happily jumps when Netanyahu snaps his fingers at him.

  7. Patrick60 says:

    Stories like this make me feel better about the end of the print media age.

  8. ruffneck4u says:

    A few hundred words because “Key points”.
    90% blank space because “Fuck you”.

  9. Patrick60 says:

    Well, they must be embarrassed, if not paranoid, subsequent to the mumbling of the electorate.

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