Ezra Derangement Syndrome

@davidfrum Oct. 18
Like George W Bush campaigning hopelessly in California last weekend 2000, Justin Trudeau in Calgary to create false image of momentum

@nspector4 Oct 16
I’m guessing the ‪@globeandmail –like La Presse and ‪@TorontoStar — will be endorsing Trudeau ‪#LPC in ‪#elxn42. We’ll know by end of day.

@JustinTrudeau‪ beat the shit out of me but I’m still voting for him. If I can, every other Canadian should!

@RayHeard  Oct 19
Before the polls close, I predict Tory and Liberal seat total will be almost the same, Bloc may have balance of power with around 12.

@RayHeard  Oct 19
Pollsters cock-up again, with none predicting significant Liberal majority. Why?

@SueAnnLevy Oct. 19
Win by fossil Carolyn Bennett in St. Paul’s proof that a pig with lipstick can win as long as it is a Liberal pig.

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4 comments on “Ezra Derangement Syndrome
  1. orphancarguy says:

    That’s DOCTOR pig with lipstick to you, SueAnn!

  2. phargrav says:

    Wad de madder wid deese peeple?

    Frum and Heard: I predicted a Liberal majority a few days ago. Admittedly only to my wife, but it was obvious that NDP supporters thought the best way to get rid of Harper was the Liberals. Last few days they defected in droves, the thunder of hooves growing louder as Dippers realised what their fellow NDPers were doing. You could almost feel the Liberal trendline going up by the hour.

    Spector: I always thought the Mop and Pail had a boilerplate editorial supporting the Torys (change some names, a couple of issues here and there). Turns out they do.

    Brazeau: Did he get brain-damaged in that fight?

  3. drdjet says:

    Phargrav, Frum, Heard and Brazeau: Mulcair led with a right, and Trudeau ko’d him with a left hook. The NDPers didn’t leave just to beat Harper, they left because Mulcair went right.

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