Barbaric Cultural Practices Snitch Line


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5 comments on “Barbaric Cultural Practices Snitch Line
  1. Patrick60 says:

    We need more hope and less Orwell in this country, but I’m not sure if our electoral process can deliver.

  2. OJM says:

    When I hear the phrase “barbaric cultural practice” I immediately think of the old “The Tommy Hunter Show”. Could Caligula himself have invented anything so exquisitely horrific?

  3. drdjet says:

    Steve, it’s Bibi.
    You’re going to need an October surprise, my little ankle sniffer.
    You know we can arrange for a nice barbaric atrocity – let me know.
    Oops wrong line!

  4. ruffneck4u says:

    If this is an emergency, hang up and call Kevin Vickers.

    Press 1 for shifty Muslims.
    Press 2 for drug-addled hippies.
    Press 3 for gaiety and/or fruitism.
    Press 4 for angry Indians & enviro-goons.
    Press 5 for Omar Khadr.
    Press 6 for ambivalence about CBC.
    Press 7 for sexy sex ed. curricula.
    Press 8 for Jian Ghomeshi
    Press 9 for PHRITP

  5. mmedesevigne says:

    Frank, I have the first sentence for your lead story on Tuesday:

    “So farewell, then, Stephen Harper …”

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